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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. florence
    Really sorry to read you've had a bad first impressions regarding Roland's box and sound. However, I returned from the threshold of purchase these, $1k saved thanks for that! Also, I was the one who asked fit comparison between te5b and these, thanks for that as well. So what's better on Roland comparing to te5b? Nothing? lol.
  2. twiceboss
    it's weird that u mad at someone who spent $609 to give the actual impression for others who wants to know the true sound of it before spending that amount of money. Forum can be weird sometimes. yeap...
  3. twiceboss
    From the graph, i would say the mid bass is the main difference. Mid bass bump on s8pro than Roland as Roland has almost flat lows except sub.
  4. expatriot
    Maybe you need to take a class in reading comprehension. Where in my post did i say you could or should not inform people about any iem you have or had. I only complained about your use of the word "Fake". I suggest you go back and read my post again. I don't care if you make posts all day long about the pros and cons of a iem, but not about something you can't prove.
  5. expatriot
    twiceboss: by the way, you are welcome for my suggestion to you concerning a detail, reference sounding iem like the Etymotic, which I see you got.
  6. twiceboss
    You haven't listen to La Hire so don't judge my conclusion on that given graph. You should know that there should be a bass hump in the graph with what I listen to but It is totally missing in the given graph. Not even a slight hump. Even Penon says sorry for that and you here bragging about fact and stuff for that graph. Please be mature. The given graph from Fearless for that La Hire is totally off, and why i've been address wrong by saying it is a fake graph. That is my concern. I fell for the graph and others might be too. So here im telling it's a wrong graph and you just need to take it as a reminder. That's totally not a good graph to show to people because it is nowhere near DF sound presentation. Hope you are more professional to deal with this. Thanks :)
  7. SciOC

    It really depends. The drop x mrspeakers ether CX came in a plain cardboard box with a poorly photocopied instruction sheet only for the foam filters, but it had a tag on it that indicated it was indeed the right product... Good enough for me.

    I don't think you can generalize that broadly but I really HATE the idea of an "unboxing experience". The only things I really care about are did I get the product I ordered and did it come with the stuff it claimed to for it's use?

    This seems bad enough that it makes you question whether you got the right product or not, so it's a fail. You should at least be able to tell that you got the product you ordered... I don't think that's to much to ask as far as an "unboxing experience". God, I feel like an ahole just saying it in my head...
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  8. expatriot
    twiceboss: OK, I see now you won't accept constructive criticism. You are wearing blinders. I said nothing about your damn graph, except to say it was not constructive to call it fake.
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  9. twiceboss
    haha lol. Unboxing experience is a big plus for a company to present their product. But it is not wrong to get it simple like ex800st. A plain whitebox with 3 tips and a case. The difference is the cable given is decent, no microphonic etc and the box is built for it, not for other products. Nvm, im just gonna leave this thing behind. I dont want to much on this, it seems too much now. This is just a reminder for upcoming headfiers that interested to buy these!
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  10. TAsme
    wow lots of drama here.. considering the S8F/P is one of the top 3 IEM's I have had the chance to listen to this is sad for the company.. I'd buy it again - at any given time
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  11. warriorpoet
    That is a really weird accusation, considering the amount of calling-out of Fearless I've done in this thread.

    Again, I am sorry you purchased an IEM that did not match your expectations and did not match the FR chart provided. All I am saying is that unless you have real proof that the chart was intentionally misrepresentative of the product you received, calling it "fake" in this context is baselessly accusing the company of fraud.

    Fearless needs to get to their cable and packaging Right. Now. They need to remove or replace the FR for the La Hire now that it's clear that it's inconsistent with production. If I am reading the previous few posts correctly, they also need to address at least one area of QC past the cable immediately. These are all failures that need correction, and how they do it and when will say much about who they are as a company.
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  12. twiceboss
    We are all in the same boat. Nothing much to argue. Peace and enjoy our music :)
  13. Owludio
    2 questions, if you don't mind, Is TE5B vented? Roland completely sealed and isolation comparable to se846.
    and also having ier-z1r, what were you seeking/expecting from Roland? (because if U ask me, Roland is a downgrade from z1r)
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  14. KPzypher
    TE5B is vented. And Roland did indeed isolate very well. And hella comfy at the same time.

    I wasn't expecting an upgrade from the Z1R. I was looking for a different hybrid setup. I like trying unique tech and various implementations. That's what interests me in this hobby. "Markedly different implementation and approach to sound, all trying to achieve the same goal." An ideal sound. Whether it's a multi BA, a unique low pass filter, using DD as super tweeter, unique crossover system, piezo electric, estat, single DD, triband, planar, vented, switches, replaceable filters, etc etc. Although I do have my sound preference, I don't mind different sounding IEMs, unless they just sound terrible or are flawed in a major way. And I don't rank IEMs. I think that's pointless as sound is highly subjective and things change depending on my mood or genre of music I'm listening to. Some sound better with rock, while others are more suited to classical or acoustic music. So how do you rank them? Its true there are technically more capable or superior IEMs, but that doesn't mean they always sound better to my liking. However, I do agree to a certain point, higher budget IEMs tend to sound better in general, and are made with better build quality, one of the aspects I value. Lastly, these are reasons why I generally prefer big companies or well established brands, as they have the resources for a bigger R&D to venture out and apply different methods and technologies. There are plenty of good sounding IEMs out there that suits every imaginable taste, but doesn't mean they're unique.

    To me, instead of being different, Roland (at least my set) just sounded very wrong. Very subdued, hollow, and distant. Like I said, it could've been a defective unit.

    Sorry for a drawn out post. Hope that answered your question.
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  15. KPzypher
    Oh one more thing, although I said I can't rank IEMs, I do have my favorite set, which at the moment is the HYLA for its immensely enjoyable low end. Once I'm able to only listen to the same 10 songs for the rest of my like, then I can rank them.:L3000:
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