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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. redrol
    OK i edited my post with irrelevant stuff removed.

    Quality Vendor? One that does what the customer wants. In this particular case people really wanted the Roland fast, vendor obliges, gets crapped on because product isn't finished. If I were that vendor I would have probably done the same thing.. and then regretted it. See my point?
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  2. KPzypher
    No. I don't see your point. I'd like to see you buy a Rolex watch with a silicone band in a G-Shock case and smile ear to ear. See my point?
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  3. twiceboss
    Just to be clear guys. Stop judging customers who's giving their opinion about the product they bought. This is forum, people want to know the impression. Without impressions of good or bad, forum is just a useless shill then. So if the customer had a bad experience, there is no wrong to tell that he is getting bad experience. That's their money. While others that didnt even spend money on it keep defending stuff. It doesnt look professional. It is just a matter of customer's experience. That's the feedback and feedback should be welcome not to be defend. Just my 2 cents!

    Just remember that if you haven't had a bad customer's experience doesnt mean that the others having the same. Just keep things as neutral as possible. :) sorry if i hurt anybody here though.
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  4. Stymeron
    So you wouldn't buy a pre-release Rolex in a mismatched box, etc.? That would be your choice, but it seems like a reasonable option to me. I'd way rather have a product early in a mismatched box, etc, than wait.

    Wait for it guys, in a year someone will be selling their Roland in a "limited edition early release box"!
  5. KPzypher
    I guess you missed the whole 'bad cable' part. That roughly equates to the second hand not moving on your watch. But it's ok. They'll replace it with an upgrade, free of charge. And you'll be so thrilled and satisfied and praise them for their generosity. Smh. And people wonder why audio companies jack up the price. If you're that easy and willing to give up your hard earned money, I don't know what to tell ya.
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  6. warriorpoet
    I wish Fearless had waited to release the Roland until they were ready. I know Linsoul has asked them on more than one occasion to change that dang thing, and they persisted in using it anyway.

    Linsoul was getting peppered with requests for the Paladin series. It's my impression they viewed some of those unfulfilled requests as potential lost sales, and worked something out with Fearless to release some of the Paladin series early. Unfortunately, they didn't open the boxes they sent out to check the cable, but really, they shouldn't have to.

    I think there's enough blame to go around here. The important thing, long-term, is that both Fearless and Linsoul are making it right with their current customers. Is it too late? Well, yes, if your first impression was a bad one. I, for one, have come to expect the bad cable from Fearless and bought a $1000 IEM understanding I'd be replacing it- it was part of my value equation.

    Going forward, I hope Linsoul has learned not to let eager buyers (like me) influence their judgement on product releases. I hope Fearless has truly learned their lesson with that terrible cable, and will source another much nicer.

    I sent over a couple pictures to Linsoul to have them pass on to Fearless, comparing the Roland packaging and cable with the Andromeda and Meze Rai Penta. Clearly, Fearless is well behind in that area. The IEMs are so good, I hope they fix the issues quickly and completely, and never, ever repeat this debacle again.

    @KPzypher I hope Penon takes care of you well. I've had great experiences with them in the past. I don't blame you one bit for being angry; I'd be quite the same in your shoes.
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  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    As a dude who has been banned 2x on this site and loves to rage I got nothing for ya...you got the right.... your hard cold cash gave you the right. Exercise that. respect the money.

    Semi related:
    I got sent the Paladin series and was told it was a coming release. i heard em all. Went O.C.D and Roland blew me the fu away. I am a music lover and was convinced the estat hybrid would be disastrous. My 1st vid I said this was no gimmick and they would be stuffing these in everything soon ( Empire ears, etc etc)

    I was implied again to take my time with my enthusiasm and I ignore stuff that sounds like handling...I reject it totally. not a great team player. Turns out that wait was for proper packaging and cables (original plan)
    My T followers I surmised wanted the goods ASAP and the cable later.
    My mistake was creating a thread in here. My apologies to you.
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  8. Darkestred
    How many things would you do this with, though? Like, why don't car companies offer pre-release vehicles? No sane company would do this and the companies that do, well, things like this happen. It's not worth it in the long run because something will usually always go wrong.

    You wanting something now is just not being able to hold your emotions. Whether you have something now or in a month...what's the real difference when both scenarios have the product?

    I really want to give Fearless the benefit as they have seemed to have done well with their other offerings. However, I have seen similar things happen on these forums and companies well... anyway.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
  9. Kundi
    Can you review the IMR R1?
  10. Medikill
    Hawaiibadboy behaving like a Hawaiigoodboy???
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  11. warriorpoet
    You know, if it weren't for your hype vid, I'd probably own a Rai Penta right now rather than waiting for a CIEM Roland :wink:

    Stuff happens and you can't see the future. You don't need to take the "L" on this one, bruh.
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  12. KPzypher
    I'm more sad that some people are blindly defending and justifying bad business practice. If this was a $50 set, I totally get it. But sadly it's not. Enough said though. I'm getting my money back so it's all good. Lessons learned for me.
  13. KPzypher
    Ain't mad at you. Still trust and value your reviews and opinion 100%. Keep em coming.
  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I had it before but it was without filters so sent back (exchange gone bad)

    Nah, if I had not been so very strongly enthusiastic about Roland i think it mighta gone normal like all prior Fearless stuff.
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  15. Medikill
    Won't lie, i almost bought the Roland after seeing your vid (i have the Legend X), but decided to refrain until they fixed up their intial production hiccups
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