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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. Ollie the bear
    Thank you for those links! I’m going to wait and see what cable comes with my Roland. Hopefully won’t need to upgrade it
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  2. warriorpoet
    They fit fine. They're a little taller than the half height stock ends, but don't stick out far enought to be ugly. Pretty much any aftermarket cable will have the same look.

    My biggest issue with the Fearless cable is that it doesn't seem very well assembled. The type of distortion I heard on my one good cable (before it eventually failed) typically results from bad soldering. Comparing anything properly assembled to the stock cable, in my experience, is an improvement. The Gu.Craftsman cables just happen to be VERY well constructed, and the copper cable, in particular, seems to match the Roland very well; it's smooth, detailed and balanced with anything I've ever paired it with, to varying degrees depending on how sensitive the IEM is. With the Roland, cable differences are easily noticeable, but my Alclair Studio 4, with an input impedance of 32R, is far less affected. FWIW, that's one reason my Alcairs are getting a thinner, lighter cable and my CIEM Rolands will have a big beefy hybrid cable :wink:
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
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  3. Owludio
    I'm listening to Late night Alumni on se846, N3ap and Roland. All good, TFZ No.3 is good option, direct upgrade for z5000 also very well built and about $90. N3ap is superior with its magnesium super twitter but $300.
    Oh well, Roland is $1K but it's a masterpiece. I might be biased by now. I'm used to its sound signature and to me it's sounding the best... with everything. Until BGVP , or Fearless (or anyone) comes up with more affordable options of EST IEMs TFZ or Sony would be my recommendation.
    Interestingly, that the only IEM completely devoid of sibilance on these tracks is Tin P1 planar. This is my analytic tool. With its 1 micron diaphragm it leaves CL2 (15 micron) behind IMO, I can hear details in voice, instruments background reflections, On good recordings I can hear when cymbals slide, splash, zing... It's very bright and overwhelming amount of details is everywhere. I'm sure even Twiceboss would find plenty of voice texture with P1, but the FR is so unnatural, not very musical and I don't anticipate someone coming with DSP correction to it (like cipher or SXFI).
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  4. twiceboss
    Hey, out of topic i got my CL2 today and my very first impression, this sounds good without eq for my vocals and mids hungry. But i just tried with s10plus. Not yet with other amps. Just a quick 3.5mm copper cable that comes with it. Nice resolution.
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  5. warriorpoet
    Isolation is on par with my CIEMs. No vents.

    Shells are smaller than S8Pro, not sure about the S6Rui, but I've heard those are smaller than the S8 as well. They are light as well, so fit shouldn't be a major issue for most.
  6. Owludio
    Thank a lot! Cannot wait for your impression on that. In the mean time I'm gonna get cheap co-spc hybrid cable to try on Roland as I had a lot of success with it. In fact it04 cable is hybrid and has bad MMCX. I might convert it to .78 2pin next week if I have time, to try it with Roland. iBasso wires are high quality. Although I'm very happy with 8 core cheap SPC so far.
    2 cables failed? :weary: I must be lucky. I'm going to tear jack side stock Roland cable apart next week. Let's see what's up with that:spy:
  7. Owludio
    Buuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrn. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: They improve massively with it. Very happy to hear that you like it out of the box! That is unusual, and a testament of a good match to your preferred signature.
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  8. twiceboss
    yeaa, but the spike kinda bothering me. It makes it sound too deep in my head.
  9. twiceboss
    Ok, will talk more in CL2 thread. :fly:
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  10. zazaboy
    @Owludio very much thanks man ... I thank you for taking the time with the comparisons... thanks a lot I know enough
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  11. bubukill17
    Would you say the CL2 is on the same level as the Roland if it would have sealed you better and after applying EQ?

    Damn, I now got really interested in the CL2, I would save me a lot of money and the shipping would be way faster for me.
  12. Medikill
    I'm curious as to why you say that about the LX, i have them and they run great off macbook, getting the R5 to compare against (i'm expecting will sound substantially better through balanced) but i don't think the LX requires a massive amount of power does it?
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  13. Owludio
    CL2 was very good. I recommend reading CL2 thread from the about page 10
    Shout out to fine Head-Fiers who were most influential to my own decision to buy CL2:

    :train:That hype train has been a joy ride:sunglasses::bullettrain_side: No regrets.
    :warning:But important. Why I wouldn't buy it today again, besides fit failure:
    1. While CL2 is a masterpiece, the technology is getting dated. CL2 has 15 micron diaphragm. Tin P1 has 1 micron and for analytical resolution monster I have P1. (Note, I'm not recommending P1 for music enjoyment).
    2. Nothing beats well implemented DD bass, and Roland bass is near flawless! (Highest quality compression type DD bass which I find more realistic then Legend X)
    3. I'm treble head with cat hearing:smirk_cat:, so unless I'm congested because when sick or next day after grueling endurance workout, when my hearing goes down to 16K, and I have fun with Bass-head, and V shaped iems from my collection, - on normal days I want the best upper treble I can get, and nothing, not even 1 micron P1 - can beat Sonion ESTs. (Maybe Shure can, but that in my book is not portable.)

    To be fair, if MMCX did't brake on me I would still have it.:smile_phones: (and that largely was my fault, because CL2 otherwise is built like a little zirconium tank.)
    Only Planar and now Roland have this mesmerizing effect on me that CL2 also had. So it had place in my collection, but Sony ier-z1r have blown me away about the same time...
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
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  14. snip3r77
    i'd wait for 11/11 , wallet is tight atm
  15. Owludio
    No, NOT Power, (common misconception) - low output impedance. I actually drive LX the best from Shanling UP2 (0.3 Ohm) and Ear-studio BT (1.0 Ohm) but the bass is unacceptably loose and overpowers rest of the spectrum in much worse degree then from even semi-portable Creative E5, and from U7 Xonar on the desktop. BTW directly from Galaxy 8+ is about ok.
    With R5 u shouldn't have problem for 2 reasons: OI is about 1-2 Ohm and sound is neutral like P2.
    With my R6(10 Ohm), LX is unusable and Roland shines:smile_phones:
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
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