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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. warriorpoet
    The custom cable got here before the custom IEM. No ragrets!
  2. Ollie the bear
    Which cable is this? The free upgrade that Fearless is sending out, or other aftermarket?
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  3. warriorpoet
    It's a custom from Electro Acousti. 8x 7N UP-OCC copper/ SPC with rhodium plug.
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  4. ezekiel77
  5. JerryLeeds
    Roland questions from someone who is really interested in getting these.

    How is the isolation on the Roland? Do you hear outside noise? Would they isolate enough for use on a noisy NYC subway commute? Are there any vent holes in the shells for the dynamic drivers?

    How are the shells in size compared to the S6 Rui? I already have this model and they are boarding on just being a bit too big for my small ears

    Thanks in advance for the help
  6. Owludio
    Isolation is among the best. I use it in NYC subway as well:sunglasses:. It's as completely sealed as S6 or S8, deeper fit but size appears even so slightly smaller. (no longer have S8).
    As I said earlier, Roland is a masterpiece and only high end iem to my knowledge, that's using vent-less compression type dynamic design. (Maybe $2K AAW Canary too?)
  7. havagr8da
    Fearless Audio Paladin Series (Roland) An absolute game changer. This is the one, other companies are going to be chasing. As BBGAR has said; Just wait and see these Electro Static drivers crop up in other iems handling the highs. Great detail without sibilance. And (Not a Bright iem) an accurate detailed iem. Not the only virtue of the Roland though (Balance) all throughout the spectrum (nothing overbearing anything else) balance that is exceptional. I recently switched to an A&K Kann Cube as my primary DAP. All my headphones and iems just sounded better with the Kann Cube. But on the real I hadn't really upgraded since the FiiO X7. But back to the Roland. I remember how the Kann Cube made all my headphones and iems sound just so much better. Here enters Roland (Made all my DAPs) come to life like I never heard them before. That to me is special and worthy of notice.
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  8. warriorpoet
    Pretty much exactly my experience with Roland. I am fascinated by all this talk of Roland using more power. My sources are pretty power-efficient. Your post makes me wonder if I might be leaving some performance on the table yet.
  9. gazzington
    I think I have to get a Roland. I was thinking either Andromeda or cl2 but this seems too good to miss
  10. Ollie the bear
    Does anyone have any experience with the the upgraded cable that Fearless offers? I believe they have 2 options
  11. havagr8da
    Just plugged the Roland into the THX AAA 789 driven by an ADI 2 DAC playing Bat Out Of Hell and impressed is to say the least. Totally fantastic! That being said though the Roland is quite efficient it really does not require more power to shine. But it does scale real well which is a plus IMHO.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
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  12. havagr8da
    Go for it! You will not be missing anything. This is for real the Biggest Bang For The Buck.
  13. Owludio
    What iem do you use today? If you are not addicted to bright sound, I cannot recommend Roland enough! :mountain_railway:Hype Train alert!:railway_track: over 90% ear time now.
    IMO FH7 is excellent if you like bright. Very slightly diffused sound stage that sounds more open than recording intended to. But very easy on the ears otherwise. it04 in comparison, is more accurate in that price range but to my ears is more fatiguing despite less perceived brightness. Yes, IMO, CL2 is better than all of them (except Roland) IF IT FITS and if you have portable with above average power output and good EQ. (impedance doesn't matter for cl2). I'm not going to purchase CL2 again but if i had it today - i would be using it as I have better ways to drive it today.
    Roland is still better. More accurate. I'm treble head.(Don't read it as preference to bright sound) I like my treble extended and clean (un-distorted).
    Closest fun sounding : Brighter and bassier then Roland, another masterpiece Sony N3ap, outperforming it's $300 price by a mile.

    Now, about planars: Can't wait for Twiceboss evaluating CL2. I really don't get all of that hype around "fast" planar advantage. Audiophiles often use terminology they don't really understand and often misuse. Planar distorts less due to its design, especially on higher frequencies where DD diaphragm would flex producing frequencies that are not in the original signal. BA have unwanted resonance as well. Transient response on CL2 is mediocre actually, but does it really matter? IMO CL2 strength largely the same like Roland - tuning and linear response of the drivers. Advantage - phase coherence of entire 10mm diaphragm. I think if Fearless Audio will release successor to Roland - it would be epic if they get rid of BA completely and do DD-EST hybrid. BA as it stands now is a weakness of Roland. The way Fearless implemented DD in Roland leaves BA bass in the dust!

    Roland is stark contrast with LX, which needs very low impedance sources and descent power. Roland is very efficient iem. It sounds great with original R6 (10 Ohm!!) as well as with most of my LDAC BT adapters.
    Roland is easy to drive and scales moderately with my desktop setup (Unlike Legend X which is hardly portable).
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  14. warriorpoet
    I'm very much in wait and see mode with Fearless cables. You might consider purchasing a replacement from one of the more reputable cable makers. I prefer Electro Acousti or Gu.Craftsman. They both make GREAT cables.

    If you're looking for something less expensive, here are a couple options:



  15. Owludio
    Warriorpoet, could you comment on how Gu Craftsman connectors fit in the Roland recessed slots? Also, how sound changed with copper, compared to original SPC? Thanks!
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