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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. acygni
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
  2. warriorpoet
    Sorry you're disappointed in the La Hire, TB. I know you were excited about that one.

    To be honest, the Roland almost exactly matches your preferred FR. I was a little surprised to hear you grabbed the La Hire instead. I hope you have a better experience with the Roland!
  3. twiceboss
    I grabbed a La Hire because of the graph. I wanna play safe with lesser bass since i want a set that focuses on vocals. Turns out the graphs are FAKES
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  4. warriorpoet
    AFAIK, they're provided by Fearless, so there's no telling how they did them. Guys like Chris, Jude, Crinacle, Antdroid, etc. use established testing patterns that can be compared with each other. It's a bummer the Fearless graph is so far off on that one- it's pretty close on the others.

    Chris' Roland graph is dang art.

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  5. acygni
    I don't think it's right to just assume the fake graphs are provided by fearless unless someone creditable tells you that because I couldn't find any on their web site or product listing
  6. twiceboss
    Yes, the bad thing is, the only set that is FAR OFF is La Hire. The Roland and Lancelot at least has the same pattern. See this La Hire from BGGAR video, totally off from fearless graph. I was really upset since i just realized it today since the graph is under lancelot review instead.
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  7. twiceboss
    there are three graph, go look at the linsoul. There are three graphs. Showing for each set.

    edit: also to add more spice, the description of La Hire is "Most of the female voice earphones are partly achieved by weakening other aspects of female voice, so the voice is slightly thin.The EST electrostatic drive unit used by LA HIRE has a unique high frequency response and a wide range of extensibility, providing the possibility to blending a unique female voice. It’s a kind of female voice that refuses to sacrifice other frequencies for a unique and elegant quality."
  8. warriorpoet
    I was told they were provided by Fearless.
  9. acygni
    Linsoul is really just a forwarding company that orders for you. Fearless only has an official store on taobao:

    But the female vocal advertisement is an accurate translation from the original listing
  10. twiceboss
    Accurate translation but inaccurate description. This set is supposed to be a mid centric set from the description.
  11. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Usually i put graphs in community tab

    Fearless Audio La Hire Earphone
    Model: La Hire
    Drivers: Dual Electrostatic Driver + Dual Balanced Armature
    Resistance: 12ohm
    Sensitivity: 111DB
    Frequency Response: 18-80khz
    Distortion Rate: <1%
    Sound Isolation: 26db


    Fearless Audio Lancelot Earphone
    Model: Lancelot
    Drivers: Dual Electrostatic Driver + 6 Balanced Armature
    Resistance: 26ohm
    Sensitivity: 114DB
    Frequency Response: 18-80khz
    Distortion Rate: <1%
    Sound Isolation: 26db


    Fearless Audio Roland Earphone

    Model: Roland
    Drivers: Dual Electrostatic Driver + Dual Balanced Armature+ 1 Dynamic Driver
    Resistance: 5.8ohm
    Sensitivity: 106DB
    Frequency Response: 18-80khz
    Distortion Rate: <1%
    Sound Isolation: 26db


    I consider the Roland to be the flagship despite Fearless pricing Lancelot as such
    I only hype the Roland though the Lancelot is quite good it is priced more than Roland (hard to agree with that)
    La-hire is not really a departure from some in S series of Fearless IMO
  12. bubukill17
    How is the fit and Isolation compared to the S8P?
  13. twiceboss
    Thanks! i didnt know about the community tab existence lmao.
    Good thing is Penon responded to me to have a return and replacement for the Rolant :)
  14. twiceboss
    isolation is almost the same but the not a single creaking sound from the air pressure. Sound is almost the same. So yes, if you are okay with the graph given. My S8P is for sale and my La Hire will be returned :)
  15. wackoip
    Thanks Warrior. I am now using the copper cable recommended by you and it does improves a lot in terms of clarity. I have never used Gu Craftsman b4 and the quality is brilliant for its price so thanks again!) And I can see what you mean now re EST. Will test some more tracks in the coming few weeks.
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