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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. Owludio
    So far I like it. But to compare I need to get home.
  2. bubukill17
    Sometimes it might be a matter of getting accustomed to the sound signature after good amount of hours of straight playback, and then go back to try your previous stuff to perceive more the differences.

    I've had similar experiences with gear, and my impressions did a 180 turn after a while.

    Let's see how this develops.
  3. twiceboss
    It's a bit hard to get the idea since you dont have the exact setup of my isine20 to be compare with. My setup with isine20 currently sounds almost the same as my HD800 setup. Vocal texture is really really pronounced.
  4. twiceboss
    That's more like brain burn in and im not really into that since it just end up change my preference that im used too. And im dead set to my current preference for vocal texture.
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  5. warriorpoet
    @twiceboss what you might be hearing is the emphasis of the mids and midbass over sub bass. There's no tick up in the midbass to balance the treble, so you're ending up with what sounds like cluttered mids or emphasized midbass, but what is actually de-emphasized sub bass.


    EQ can work in two directions, either by adding the desired frequency or the removal of those around it.

    There are two other possibilities to consider. First, I've heard the Estats require more power than standard BAs. I don't have any underpowered sources here to test. It could simply be a matter of feeding your IEMs more power.

    The second consideration is that the stock Fearless cable is terrible, and I know I seem to harp on this a lot, but it is really REALLY terrible. Replacing my S8P cable with a higher quality cable lifted the veil and increased performance noticeably. The replacement just immediately started cutting out. The Roland cable was faulty right out of the box, and, just like the S8P, a replacement made everything better.
  6. Owludio
    PA(psychoacoustic adaptation) or "brain burn in" can only get u so far. The are some iems in my collection that I cannot get used to, no matter how long I listen. Of your preferred setup is hd800, which is very bright sounding, Paladin series probably cannot compare with that. From the first day, every comparison was leaving Roland below other iems in brightness. One of the reasons I kept silence for 3 days is that Roland sounded dark to me Ind I couldn't get rid of the feeling of missing details. I had to dismiss that on being sick, after all, normally I cannot suffer trough FH7 for long, unlike that day when I received Roland. Now I feel bad not making that brightness issue, or lack of it, clear enough. :confused:
  7. twiceboss
    from the graph, the mid bass or subbass will never interfere with mids. All the 1k and above are above the rest and that's basically a center of the show. The mids that i can hear currently isnt the center of the show, it is just the 8k bump that makes the vocal forward same as ex800st i had before. While the details of crispy and the grainy of voice do not shine.

    I remember @Hawaiibadboy said that the website fr is not always accurate and the example is Nicehck NX7. The big difference between graph given by them and the graph made by reviewers. Sadly, he just posted about that issue yesterday and my La Hire is already shipped. So now, i might be trying a little more listening session... but so far, this is not my type of sound signature. :/
  8. acygni
    Just curious which website are you referring to that released the graph? I can not find any on Fearless website nor their store's listing
  9. twiceboss
    The problem that i faced currently isnt just about how bright or not bright but the clarity. The mids do not sound "open" to my ears. Ive owned a lot of headphones and iems, some of them can be bright but not good in term of clarity. This goes to ex800st i had before, the vocals are really forward. It sounds like inside my head but it lacks the vocal texture. The little detail with every single grain. For the HD800, yes it is a bright headphones, i have it as SDR mod and a nice Heron 5 amp to tame the 6khz. However, it contains crazy amount of details.

    edit: im not biased to any brands or what. I did the same thing with CA Andromeda. The vocal i can recall is better but it is not on par with isine20 clarity with my current setup. So, i did the same thing on CA thread. Just throwing ideas and impressions for anyone here to read. Just making sure it has more good and bad before someone throwing money on these and they are not cheap!
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
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  10. twiceboss
    Linsoul has that or any other website that showing the graph. They will show that as a "frequency response".
  11. acygni
    Have you tried the Oriolus mkii? It was highly praised for it's vocal capabilities.
  12. Owludio
    Spotify for me is not the best source. Will check tidal when get home. So far hear no shortage of detail but do hear compression artifacts on some songs(have to play shuffle as I no longer have premium Spotify; moved to Google music because of top end compression on Spotify was messing up high hats). I can hear gentle percussion on the back and singer breathing. Voice texture? I'm not sure I'm Vocal conoseuur enough. I need to listen some of my faves that I'm more familiar with.
    Now, taking about Roland: agree with Warriorpoet, it's not mid bass bleed. The way I hear it- lower mids that dominate mid section unlike Shure se846 that elevates higher mids not fill steam Harman, but just enough to make it sweet and warm. Paladins don't do that but I find this actually more natural.
    I was missing well defined brass percussion first few days. Not anymore. Cannot explain it.
    Can be actual burn in, as I keep swapping. Was listening to it04 today for a while after another cable swap. Was a lot more tolerable today after Roland
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  13. twiceboss
    Havent. I can do some readings and it could be my next one after returning this as everything can be through Penon. Just a bit pain in the butt since i need to deal with international shipping :/
  14. twiceboss
    Sure no problem! Since i have tidal, spotify and also the flac files of my fav artist. I found nothing night and day difference except changing the iems/headphones i use :)
  15. Owludio
    Apparently vocals done by only 2 BA. Not EST. I had that feeling earlier. It04 sounded so open and airy, compared to Roland. Now it sounds glorious. My brain can adjust to the difference, that means it's relatively minor. Hmmm...
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