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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. twiceboss
    Yes, it is due to tuning and crossover. Numbers of BAs can be a lot but the tuning and how it is being implemented are the hardest one. Haha, i thought my journey of finding a closed iem for vocals ended after getting La Hire lol

    Edit: what makes me upset is the description of the La Hire. "Made for female voice".
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  2. Owludio
    Well, for what it's worth, I'm gonna try it on Tidal. Will see. Btw I like that voice listened to it my whole commute mixed with some similar ones..
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  3. twiceboss
    You will not regret listening to IU. Just go through her albums, her voice is exceptional. To add more spice, her live performances are astonishing good!

    You can also listen to Lee Hi, Tae Yeon, AKDONG, etc. All of them are vocal centric genre!
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  4. acygni
    I haven't heard the artists you mentioned but I think majority of Asian music are vocal centric Chinese Japanese Korean etc:laughing:
  5. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Who's review were you going by?
    I thought it sounded like the "S" series S8P. I have not yet done a review because it is a side grade and is not very impressive compared to Roland. I have said that in comments on YT. There is also a graph there.
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  6. twiceboss
    sadly couldnt find the graph u made. I just found one with Linsoul that provide 3 graphs of Paladin series. The mids is really S8Pro ish sound but smoother.

    edit: it's a description of the paladin series where the La Hire is the mids and vocal centric but it doesnt sound like that
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
  7. acygni
    To be fair I would't expect anyone to see a comment or reply that isn't for them on YT unless it got voted very high
  8. bubukill17
    Welp, based on what it has been described I may now get the S8F or wait for two more payments and get the Roland; I could afford the Roland on my next payment though I might get in trouble for that hehe.

    I need an IEM now though. I'm tired of my HD600.

    I was really hoping to get a very textured and detailed vocal on the La Hire, I was pumped from what the official LaHire's description described on females vocals.

    From what I understand there, the EST drivers for LaHire are supposted to be for the vocals...
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  9. twiceboss
    Well, i finally found a graph that @Hawaiibadboy made. It's under a Lancelot review sadly. I couldnt find before. So yes, it is S8Pro graph. No wonder i can hear the same. My ears are working fine then. Im in the process of contacting Penon of getting rid of this and get the Roland instead. So yeah, hope everything is going smooth.

    Kinda disappointed from the fake description and graph given in the website =.=
  10. acygni
    If we were reading the same briefing on the est series, you could see in the roland's it reads "the (production of)texture of the sound has now transferred to the est from the ba" suggesting the ba on the la hire handles everything in mids and bass
  11. twiceboss
    Kinda bumped due to the fake description and graph. That's it. I literally made a conclusion from the graph since at least i know how things will sound according to the graph. The first time i put the La Hire just now, i was like "What why the mid bass is here, the graph show dead flat and even rolled off bass" LMAO
  12. acygni
    Lol I wonder if you actually got the s8f instead of s8p first time arround would you've been satisfied. Since in their descriptions the s8p advertises to have better bass extension and excells in orchestral music while the s8f is more balanced and excells in vocals
  13. twiceboss
    but both of pro and freedom has almost identical graph. It will be weird if the difference are night and day. Im finding a flat mid bass set to secure the mids and vocals. I bought the Pro version since I've read the three comparison between Andro, S8F, and S8P. The review says S8P has almost everything of Andro but better separation. And yes almost the same for everything, mid bass mid bass mid bass. =.=

    edit: due to that case, i want to buy something that according to the graph and La Hire shows the dead flat bass on the given website. And yes, this is the time i received a fake graph...
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
  14. wackoip
    Hi Owludio, you mentioned that treble sounds darker at first, did it improve? I found it darker and even veiled with the expectation that treble would nearly sparkle like any electrostatic driver. I'm happy with all the other aspects of Roland but just a bit surprised by the treble.
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  15. warriorpoet
    Are you using the stock Fearless cable?

    My experience with the Roland is that everything is kind of placed equally. There's nothing that really stands out and grabs unless it's meant to in the recording. Some refer to EST "sparkle" in reference to other ESTs on the market that have hyped the ESTs to stand out. Roland doesn't do that, at least not in my experience.

    The reason I ask about cable is that every Fearless I've plugged in with that blasted thing suffers from muddying and smearing, even distortion, in the upper reaches.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
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