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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. Owludio
    Higher frequencies conducted by the surface. It's physics. So SPC is enough, but more surface will give u more treble, so maybe 16 core SPC rather than 8 core SPC:vulcan:
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  2. warriorpoet
    In my experience higher conductivity leads to increases in bass on the Roland. It's one of those funny things with low impedance IEMs- they don't always react like you might expect.

    I had my best success with copper cables on this one. Even a 4 core 28AWG 7N UP-OCC cable outperformed my 26AWG pure silver cable- all balance was lost with the more conductive cable.
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  3. warriorpoet
    That's kind of how I'd compare the Roland and my IMR R2 Atens. The Roland is just so REAL, the R2 is hyper-real and so out-of-head. I like both just as much for opposite reasons.
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  4. twiceboss
    Give more resistance to make the bass lesser. Try it with iematch, big difference. Or just buy some cheap impedance adapter.
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  5. courierdriver
    Hmm...thanks! I'll toss this around in my head for awhile.
  6. Owludio
    I have R1 zenith and just ordered Rah( DD,Planar,Piezo) I'm a sucker for the soundstage:sweat_smile:
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  7. Owludio
    Roland has transformer inside, so it can in fact throw a monkey wrench in FR with cable capacitance. I noticed some inconsistency too, but luckily SDBRO $14 at least for now is very satisfying!:smile_phones:
  8. crabdog
    My EE Bravado has some serious driver flex too.
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  9. Owludio
    I suspect, Valkyrie does too. That's why I'm happy with Roland. Almost none.
  10. Owludio
    Now, on the second thought rather then spending more on cables, what I did is created setting on my Radsone Ear-studio for more trebble. Also if ur on android, Eqfy app has multiple editable settings.
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  11. Qical
    Hawaiibadboy thank you for rec!
    Roland is just crazy good :)
    Stock cable... oh my oh my.... The sound fades back and forth when you twist the jack.
    It's seems like all cables for Roland have this issue...
    Let's wait and see how Fearless handle this situation.
  12. SquareN
    Thank you guys for all your feedbacks on Roland. Just placed order for a custom Roland few days ago. Its gonna be my first CIEM and first IEM at 1k+ price (using RHA T10 atm). I have been looking at EE LX and waiting more news of a EE prototype Odin. Given the positive feedbacks about Roland and comparison with LX, I decided to go for it directly...without even a trial (didn't see any demo available in my place). Taking risk but I am positive.
  13. snip3r77
    same BUT
    SPC and Pure copper has different tonality. one is brighter
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  14. acygni
    It's funny that Fearless actually has custom hand crafted cables in their shop's catalog:


    yet they need to "source" new cables for thier iems.:joy:
  15. Turboturbo
    Give E1DA's Poweramp V2 (with its own EQ app) and 9038S a try, they are quite a lot better than ES100 which I also own, and will release the full potential of the Rolands.
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