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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. Rin1990
    Ah, the iFi Micro iCAN.
    Powerful little bugger that thing is. 
  2. MadMusicJunkie
    Jamming on my Aune T1 Mk2 and my Legend Omega's right now.  Like so many in this threat, I've owned quite a few TOTL IEMs, and the Legend Omega's are still the best I've ever heard.  I've had these in my ears for hours and hours straight with zero fatigue, and you can get absorbed in the music like nothing else.
    With the Empire Ears change and all the new lines, I really need someone to compare the Legend Omega's to them.  I know Moe could for sure, but I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on this.
    I'm not so sure that the Legend Omegas aren't just as good as the new stuff.  Perhaps could gain from a little more in the highs, but not much...
    Could Jack work on a new Hybrid for us?  A four to six BA/one Dynamic would be awesome :)!
  3. Rin1990
    IIRC  there's someone comparing the Legend Omega to the Athena, with the latter being a bit more musical. But I could be wrong. So take what I said with a grain of salt. Sorry if it seemed unhelpful. :/
  4. jmills8
    what sort of music does he listens to?
  5. Sound Eq
    i asked him this but still no answer from jack bout hybrids i would like to see a 10 BA+ 2 DD :)
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  6. Rei87

    I would, if Jack would just return my Omega back to me the way I had wanted it done. Sent my omega back to him for a rebuild due to some issues in March, get it back end June only to find out that empire didnt build it as listed in the request, and had to send it back again which till date I'm still waiting for...

    4 months reaching 5 for a rebuild job is a little ridiculous, but I've been making do with a supra.....I do still want either the Zues or the Arthur, but this rebuild time is making me second guess my decision, or at least wait till a time in which I am in no hurry for a new IEM and can afford to wait another half a year for Empire to screw up with the build for as much as they want....

    I listen mainly to jpop, concert orchestras and vocals. Within that list, the genre can be rather diverse to cover pop, blues, jazz, duets, ballads and so on, just that they all tend to be in Japanese rather than English.

    To be fair, I have very little to no interest in heavy metal or the modern day rap, which means that my comparison would be less applicable to one who would listen to music that mainly consists of the musician screaming and blasting his guitar/drums on the speaker....I tend to appreciate music that just, sounds like music lol.....no offence to people who enjoy that genre :p 

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  7. Rin1990
    Okay, I wasn't aware but apparently @moedawg140 has the impression on the very first page of the thread in comparison in between Athena and Legend Omega.
    And here I quote:
    "The detail retrieval, coherency, midrange and especially treble are more apparent listening to the Athena compared to the Legend Omega.  The Legend Omega emits more bass than the Athena, and that is about all the Legend Omega is able to do with regards to handily trouncing the Athena."
    Since I never heard  the Legend Omega myself so I cannot judge.
    You and I have similar taste lol, except I myself enjoy heavy metal and power metal just as much lol.
  8. mejoshua
    @MadMusicJunkie nice to see another omega owner!
    I love my legend omegas as well. Based on old impressions of the new stuff, imho I would say that none of them have the kind of weighted/thick mids that the omega excels at. The omega is tuned slightly dark I think - deep bass and thick mids with unfatiguing highs, still my favourite sig out of many TOTLs. I would say that the new iems trounce the omega in terms of detail retrieval/spatial presentation size and also that highs may sound more energetic and present (without being fatiguing - EE/Jack tunes highs really well). Omegas bass, mids (for me) and presentation depth are still top notch though.
  9. MadMusicJunkie
    LOL!  I was thinking of going bigger, but I didn't want to sound like I was asking for anything crazy; as if Jack is heeding whatever I say, right?!
  10. MadMusicJunkie
    Thank you for that!
  11. Spamateur
    I've owned both (and still currently own the Zeus-R):
    The Zeus-R is much more neutral than the darker, warmer Omega. Biggest difference is in treble, with the Zeus-R having much more prominent and detailed treble with less roll-off. I'd say the Omega was straight-up dark in comparison, while I'd refer to the Z-R as being on the warmer side of neutral but with good treble sparkle.
    Other differences are that the Omega is not as revealing, has a smaller soundstage, and more forward mids. Bass quantity is significantly more with the Omega, but the bass on the Zeus is tighter and more well-defined.
    I think the Zeus-R is far superior to the Omega in every possible way except for sheer bass quantity, and I loved my Omega. 
  12. MadMusicJunkie
    ... Curse you.. I just HAD to ask, didn't I?!
  13. Spamateur
    I do want to caveat my comparison by saying if you really do prefer a warmer/lusher/darker/bassier sound signature, the Omega is probably a better fit. The Zeus-R is significantly more neutral although it's still a warm sound signature. I love both, but they're definitely different flavors, although not drastically so.
  14. Rei87
    I agree.....

    i'd keep the Omega tho, not many CIEMS can top its sheer bass quantity without compromising too much of its resolution. That onyx thing really does work in boosting the bass presence...
  15. MadMusicJunkie
    I was just thinking that today, why didn't Jack stick with the Onyx Chamber?  Seems like adding that would've created "The Ultimate Headphone," and then everybody in the world could stop their addictions and just buy that one...?
    I wonder if its the Chamber that gave the Omegas its sort of reverb effect, thus making it sound more lush and not as brightly detailed as this new TOTL...  Also seems to me like he should still be offering the Omega.  But, of course, that only serves to boost the value of mine!  Maybe I could sell mine for $3K, now that its a collector's item....
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