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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. olddude
    Then my job here is done. :)
  2. DatDudeNic
    Oh wow will do!
  3. proedros
    being also heavy into rock music , i have come across the wonder called 'vinyl rips' , where people with TOTL setups rip their vinyls in 24/96 quality and the results are mind-opening

    i mean quality that sends all those MFSL/remasters to take a walk

    imagine crystal clear cd quality but with the glorious, full sounding beauty of vinyl

    a revelation, been following many such guys/rippers for 10 years now and i am constantly amazed

    i have rips by steely dan/fagen etc and the quality is better than any hi-res remaster and on top of that it's completely free (which is good as money is hard to find)

    i could send you a dllink to hear for yourself, but beware - you are gonna start thinking 'why the hell am i paying 30-40$ for all these calledamazing cd remasters'.....
  4. olddude
    I've tried some of those. They are interesting but not always to my taste. Thanks, though.
  5. mr.karmalicious
    fresh vinyl on a day 1 is ~44kHz (sampling rate, not nyquist/audio range), and after a couple spins is more like 36kHz, for a top-out audio frequency of 18k (which is fine by me, frankly, but it's not a CD/digital). Also, the dynamic range on a fresh vinyl is—at best—like 70dB, and goes down into the 50s after a couple spins. (Compare to ~120dB for CD.) This is also mostly fine, but the vinyl definitely has less information at high frequencies and lower dynamic range. The SNR also drops precipitously as you move up the frequency spectrum, and additional high-end roll-off as you move toward the center of the LP. The recordings that go onto the vinyl might be better mastered, or you might like a more compressed sound, but...
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
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  6. bflat
    Well some folks still wear mechanical watches when digital ones are far superior in accuracy. There are photographers who still use film, when digital formats have higher dynamic range. Yet for both, there is a certain connection with the analog devices - seeing the gears work on a watch, or the specific color rendition of film. I still use a chef's knife to mince vegetables when a food processor would be easier and more consistent....
  7. Progisus
    There is so much loss of signal in all the transfers it is a no brainer.
  8. boblauer
    I guess I'm the odd one. I prefer vinyl in most ways including the interaction between myself, my turntable and speakers. I've got records from the 70's thru just last week and with proper care and storage they sound great. I will concede I have a lot more invested in a 2 channel rig than headphone rig.
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  9. mwhals
    My 2 channel setup is many times more money than my headphone setup. One speaker is more than my headphone amp and DAC.
  10. Tristy
    Hello, random question! Does anyone remember if the price of the Legend X was reduced during last Black Friday? And if so by how much?
  11. mwhals
  12. singleended5863
  13. Tristy
    You sir, are the true legend. Do you know if the could be used in conjunction with other codes? ...

    I think we can go off of this of what to expect for this year too.
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  14. mwhals
    I agree, but the other person wanted last years. I bet it is 15% again.
  15. mwhals
    I doubt it.
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