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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. NovaFlyer
    Melody Gardot is awesome, she has an amazing voice.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
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  2. quodjo105
    Anyone tried the new Effect audio vogue Grandioso cable with their phantom ? care to share your impression ?.
  3. singleended5863
    I did with the tour and like the SQ better than with Eros II 8wire I have but prefer the Grandioso 8 wire which is not available yet.
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  4. quodjo105
    Wow, the cheaper Grandioso bettered the more expensive eros 8 wire paired with the phantom?.. I prefer the ergonomics of the 4 wire cable , so looking like i'll be placing an order for the Grandioso then .
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  5. boblauer
    20191106_080821.jpg Going old school today
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  6. SBranson
    Geez... the 4 wire sounds better than the Eros 8 wire? Hmm... I'm thinking I might order one myself...
  7. singleended5863
    Yes. If the Grandioso 8 wire is available for sale I would order it in seconds. But unfortunately they won’t do it now! :tired_face:
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  8. arestung
    Hi guys
    Just got my legend X recently
    Now looking for a wire to pair it with sp1000ss
    Any recommendations?
  9. singleended5863
    What is your budget?
    EA Vogue Grandioso $199
    Eros II under $250 (I guess)
  10. arestung
    Got like around $800-1000
  11. javahut
    If you can stand the wait, there's nothing better than Double Helix Cables' Clone Silver. No alloys, pure metals, soft-ish, pliable, sturdy outer jacket, and stellar workmanship & sound quality. Not inexpensive, but not ridiculously artificially jacked up prices for relatively basic alloy or plated conductor cables, like at least one or two brands I can think of are. Only downside is sometimes the wait can be longer than a lot of people are willing to tolerate. But definitely well worth it.
  12. Deezel177
    DHC's work is fantastic indeed. If it weren't for the lead times, I'd have gotten myself a Symbiote SP V3 by now. :D
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  13. Gavin C4

    I really cannot stress enough that the Zeus-XR that was released a couple of years ago is really a true Top of the Line earphone. Changed to a better silver-based cable and better DAP-source that are released in recent years, you can really see how it scales and does not bottleneck at all. Although it is now discontinued and unable to be found in catalogue on Empire Ears website (correct me if I am wrong) and it is only available in Massdrop's version at a bargain of a price. Even with extensive A/B comparison with recently released TOTL earphones , I don't see Zeus-XR hiding its face under the glory of newer releases. Zeus is still shining and I don't see myself having to upgrade because the Zeus-XR fights off my itch of getting new earphones. I even compare the Zeus-XR with my Utopia headphones just for fun, and they really do trade blows in some aspects. Really can't thanks enough to Empire Ears that they produce such a gem for my ears.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
  14. marcusd
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  15. Gavin C4
    If you want better details and tighten up the bass and have more punch. You can go for Effect Audio LeonidasII Octa, or cleopatra Octa. I personally loves the leoII Octa pairing.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019

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