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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. singleended5863
    Bottom left pair is just like my Phantom but I chose left is black and right is white.
  2. mwhals
    By the time I order in late November, I will likely have many more designs configured by then. The upper left one was the one I was targeting since I ordered my Legend X in June / July. Since my Legend X is black and white with the glacier swirl, I will likely go with top left or bottom right.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
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  3. Giullian
    Down right :)
  4. mr.karmalicious
    ah, I was gonna vote for bottom left, but forgot that that's similar to your Legends—in that case, i vote bottom right.

    (I'm still a huge fan of my abalone + clear... :eyes:)

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  5. mwhals
    True about my Legend X.

  6. Ollie the bear
    Does anyone have experience with the LX running on es100? Balanced vs single ended? Sorry if this has been discussed before here. I just got the LX but I’m not very keen on spending $1K on a dap. Mostly gonna use with es100 or dragonfly red and cobalt with Tidal. I’m a missing out on much?
  7. mr.karmalicious
    I haven't heard high-end DAPs, but the ES100 has more than enough power and a ~.5ohm OI running balanced. My setup is exactly what you're suggesting: Tidal -> ES100 -> LX (balanced), and it's excellent.
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  8. Giullian
    Ok Guys, I officially joined the Valkyrie club. :)

  9. cr3ativ3
    So shiny :)
  10. Giullian
    So pretty. :ksc75smile:

    edit: with the couple hours using it, it feels like a "Mini LX".
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  11. mwhals
    That is why I want the Phantom, since I already have the Legend X. Don’t need a mini to go with it. I think the Phantom is more different from Legend X than Valkyrie, which I hear sounds like it is between the Phantom and Legend X.
  12. Giullian
    I know the price can be a stopper, but what about the Wraith?

    I think the Estat drivers are a no way back, from the ones I heard they came to add (when well implemented).
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  13. mwhals
    I set my IEM limit at $2000, which was the Legend X on sale. If I don’t set limits, I would end up not investing as much into retirement.
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  14. Giullian
    Totally fair and I've being holding myself a lot this last months too.
    But man, after having the LX and Valkyrie and testing a few other Estats aroud and hear what they can do, I am really looking forward to see hold the Odin will come. I will definitely hold myself now until I see that.
  15. Sifo
    I'm having fit problems (as usual for me) but empire is taking care of me. I'd give customer service an 11/10 for sure. That said, the limited time I've spent with the Valks have been a lot of fun and has opened me up to accepting v-shape a little more. I mean I did just buy an iem that's completely uncharacteristic if my preferred signature and I'm glad I did, I think the Valks have great value. The mids are a little more to my taste than the LX, and the estat is really worth its weight when it comes to the treble. And for a non bass head, the single w9 DD sounds just right.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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