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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. mwhals
    I was thinking about the WM1Z, but might just get the WM1A as I can get it and a Phantom custom for less money than the WM1Z.
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  2. Progisus
    Getting a lot of enjoyment this snowy morning from the LX listening to Bryan Beller - Scenes From The Flood.
  3. olddude
    Pairing is just as important as anything else when it comes to iems (including cabling). Sticking the plug of a $2k+ iem in a lower-end DAP or even a phone might or might not get you good sound. But if you want to get the most out of your $2k+ iems, a higher-end or TOTL DAP is the way to go.
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  4. SBranson
    True but for me this was an unbelievable difference. I still can't get over it and it makes me question myself. I wish I could plug these back into an M11 to compare again. This is a night and day difference in how the bass is presented.

    As far as cabling I like the Eros II 8 wire but would like to try the Ares II 8wire again for the warmth.
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  5. cr3ativ3
    Explains at least the many different opinions about the lx and bass bleed :) btw the cowon PL is also a awesome pair up :wink:
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  6. aaf evo
    Edit: wrong thread.
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  7. FidelityCastro
    could you elaborate on the instrument timbre point?
  8. FidelityCastro
    lol sounds like a great few days testing both. Have you ever tried / owned the KSE1200s? I own them and am enjoying them thoroughly. However - there’s nearly always a however, right - I also wish they had a balanced option (and the little amp is a bit of a hassle), so the Wraith obviously caught my eye on both counts as an electrostatics alternative. Haven’t had the chance to try them yet.
  9. Barra
    I was able to play with the KSE 1200 and 1500 at CANJAM RMAF 2018. I liked both but remembered liking the 1500 more and listening to it the most with the time I had. This was in loud event conditions but did get a good long listen. The 1500 had a magical treble that I really liked, but I felt that the treble came first and the bass was somewhat muted. Could be the seal, but I typically hear the same thing with all 100% electrostatic options like the 009.

    Now on the other hand, the Wraith and Valkyrie have that same magical treble that the 1200/1500 offers or even the 009 and more importantly offer a lush bass response at the same time. Scaled on the right source and powered correctly with my desktop setups, I am getting exotic level performance something like the Abyss/009 love child. Direct from my WM1a, they both are top performers beating out most of the other TOTLs. Adding my C&C BH2 amp to the WM1a, they are on top.

    I should point out my preferences of a full-sized performance that is lacking without a proper bass performance. In auditioning, I typically turn up the volume until it sounds like I am in the room with the band. Most CIEMs fall apart before getting to this optimized sizing either being too loud or shrill or leaving some instruments or the singer in another room with the door shut. The most typical failure is when the bass feels miniaturized or muted or artificial. The Wraith and the Valkyrie both sound full-sized at lower volumes offering effortless scale and resolution.
  10. FidelityCastro
    Thank you for such a detailed, insightful response. That’s very useful indeed and very much appreciated!

    For me it’s a DAP (SP1K SS) and mainly Tidal HiFi/Masters; occasionally 192. Interestingly, I do exactly the same with the volume: I tend to listen to guitar-based bands and like to get a sense of being in the studio while they’re doing pre-production or, at worst. in the control room listening to them print tracks live through great monitors.
  11. mwhals
    I have been playing with the designer for my upcoming Phantom custom. :)
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  12. davidcotton
    Any previews?
  13. mwhals
  14. Sifo
    I vote top left
  15. cr3ativ3
    Down left !
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