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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. KuroKitsu
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  2. boblauer
    Ted Allen
    All do quality repairs at fair prices
  3. choisan
    Janus basso on my Valkyrie gives much better instrumental detail, it released a lot of the Valkyrie's potential. Did anyone try using other cable than eros II?
  4. SBranson
  5. rwelles
    Thanks to all!! I've dropped a line to Triton.
  6. Ike1985
    How do the wraith and Valkyrie pair with the PW audio TOTL's? the 1980 and 1950?
  7. bflat
    With Wraith, 1950's really enhances the accuracy and space of the sound. Adds a touch of sparkle on the high end. With 1960s, adds warmth to lower mids/upper bass, and takes a bit of edge off the highs. I personally like the 1950's pairing.
  8. Giullian
    Hello Guys, how are we with the Odin? :wink:
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  9. uzairahmed101
    I am envious of your ears lolzzz the fit is awesome I have tiny ears not sure how can i fit the LX in them
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  10. ceeloChamp
    +4 triton - great customer service, beautiful cables and I sent a few repairs/re-terminations in and he did an amazing job
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  11. mr.karmalicious
    Big Ears Gang :triumph::triumph::triumph:

    glad it made this easier :). there's a lot of space in my LX too...
  12. Vitaly2017
    Hey folks wasup!
    I am thinking to upgrade my phantoms cable....

    I wanted to sell my ares II bespoke ( 1.65m long and carbon fiber 4.4mm plug)

    All in top #1 shape no color discoloration and in perfect condition.

    Anyone :)
  13. Layman1
  14. ceeloChamp
    B0B8EE10-EF29-40A2-9C0B-08A630E0A922.jpeg Most whimsical faceplates in all of history!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2019
  15. ceeloChamp
    Huge props to Empire Ears for this Valkyrie, I can't give too many impressions other than the initial. I will say you really delivered a lot for the price point. They look amazing, they fit well, the cable I like better than the Ares II, the packaging is fun, and the accessories gorgeous...oh yeah and they sound pretty damn good, too early for real impressions. For the $1500 price point these are huge contenders! Nice work!
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