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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. diadack
    I did not get that impression at all. To me they sound completely different.
  2. CrocodileDundee
    Works too, also impressions. Valkyrie has less bass an a bit more mid and highs. I liked it and will be my casual pair, but after one night I'm back to my LX. Customs is a no way back. :)
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  3. duaned
    I agree, the LX and Valkyrie are not remotely close in sound. I returned my Valkyrie for this reason.
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  4. gazzington
    What didn't you like about the Valkyrie?
  5. duaned
    The Valkyrie had way too much treble and lacked the bass impact of the bravado. It did look the goods, but for the price just wasn’t worth it for me given the sound signature.
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  6. cr3ativ3

    Just received the dunu hulk today , seems like a match made in heaven with legend x :)
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  7. cr3ativ3
    is there a way to buy the empire case ? the round metal one ?
  8. CANiSLAYu
  9. davidcotton
    Did you go to the same audiologist as the previous time? If so might be worth giving someone else in your area a shot to see if that helps.
  10. cr3ativ3
  11. Sifo
    yeah I've been to many different audiologists, this time was the first time going to this audiologist. I don't have a particularly difficult ear shape to work with so I don't know. I should have had empire do them for me. I'm going back to my most trusted one, it's just that it's hard to get an appointment with them.
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  12. mwhals
    I was lucky to get two perfect impressions from the first audiologist I tried. I will go back if the need arises again.
  13. rwelles
    After a fall yesterday, I broke the connector on my balanced 8 wire Effect Audio cable. :sob: Any good sources to solder on a new connector?
  14. bflat
    http://tritonaudiocables.com repairs cables. Excellent craftsmanship.
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  15. singleended5863
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