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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. mwhals
    May be ordering the Phantom then.
  2. singleended5863
    ...with EA Vogue Grandioso cable? :wink:
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  3. mr.karmalicious
    The man's a pro! Mine are perfect too.
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  4. Barra
    Boy, these new Wraith and Valkyrie CIEMs are insane in detail and range. The electrostatics are just amazing in their clarity, I have not heard anything like this in a CIEM. Just got a new Burson Playmate today and am trying them on that and WOW. Both are blowing my HD800 out of the water. These are both approaching exotic territory in this pairing. The Playmate digital volume goes to 100. The Valkyrie is perfect at 15. The Wraith, on the other hand, is sitting volume matched at 1, maybe 2 with 0 offering dead silence. The Wraith is extremely efficient and blowing my mind on this Playmate. Regardless of the clarity and detail, both are full-bodied and very textured making them extremely musical and they have great bass quality and quantity too. These are definitely my favorite CIEMs right now.

    I am really dreading sending this tour kit out to start the tour this week. :frowning2:
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  5. duaned
    I feel the Hyla CE5 and TE5B compete with the detailed treble of the Valkyrie but they have much better bass.
  6. bvng3540
    Is that mean you going to sell you lx?:ksc75smile::ksc75smile::ksc75smile:
  7. Barra
    No, I am greedy and want them all. :) The LX is wonderful too, but I am really having fun with the electrostatic sound.

    BTW, the tour logistics list is now up. Hate to say it but this time the reviewers first rule flipped the normal logistics on you and you are at the bottom of the list. Sorry about that. Maybe you will have to opt to do a review to get cuts in line. These CIEMs are awesome.
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  8. proedros
    excellent move, it was about time you reward those who actually take the time to write some thoughts
  9. bvng3540
    No worry, I have no problem waiting, I heard these at southern cal canjam and really liked it, and planning on getting custom and want to listen to it again to make sure
  10. NovaFlyer
    I bought mine at CanJam SoCal as well, and love them, especially for travel - in fact listening to right now playing some soundtracks!

    @Zachik I remember that whim just telling you to "Buy them, buy them." :ksc75smile: Have you used your Bravados while flying? I've got many 5+ hour flights with them and no issues with cabin pressure changes - I can put them in at push back and take them out after landing without any issues.
  11. Zachik
    Jim, you're definitely bad influence! :wink:
    I have not used them on a flight, yet. I had a 14 hour flight shortly after CanJam SoCal, but I did not have my Bravados in time for that trip...
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  12. SBranson
    My saga with the LX continues to evolve. I found a WM1A somewhat locally and I am utterly amazed.
    I'm really wondering if all those comments about bass bleed or overpowering bass is more about the source than the LX themselves.
    I went from a very disappointed beginning with the Fiio M11 to being astonished with the WM1A.
    I'm hearing my music like never before. I'm hearing complex layering of instruments, being able to pick out actual instrumental timbres and being amazed at the composers' genius.
    All this rather than listening to "sounds" or "gear".. This is what I want it to be about.. when the gear is good enough to allow me to forget about it and listen into the music.

    Good times!
  13. davidcotton
    Goes to show that synergy is key, rather than price most of the time.
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  14. Barra
    The LX and the WM1a are an amazing combo. Wait until you hear the PWAudio 1950 cable added to the chain. :)
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  15. mr.karmalicious
    The WM1A has quite a low output impedance—just ~.91ohm. I'm dying to see FR curves at different OIs for the LX, ah...
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