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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. SBranson
    My new DAP finally arrived and it has transformed my experience of the LX. The bass is full but not overpowering. Balance is restored. These still may not be my end game for the music I listen too but for the last 1/2 hour each song has been a joy. I have a hard time imagining that the pairing wit the M11 just really rubbed me the wrong way but boy I’m glad to have a better(to me) sounding source.
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  2. mr.karmalicious
    Very happy that they're treating you better now. Honestly, in the last week or so I've seen a lot of people (or I feel like I have) say that the M11—for all its cool features—just doesn't sound good to them. I see that single-ended has an output impedance of "less than 2", which isn't great, but I don't feel like that should cause too many problems... *shrug*
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  3. Giullian
    One can't have everything well done and still charge 500$. Some comlromises were made there.
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  4. mr.karmalicious
    I mean, one probably could, but they apparently failed to do it. :)
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  5. mwhals
    What dap did you get?
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  6. SBranson
    It's a Pioneer XDP-300R a friend was selling.. Price was cheaper than what I sold the M11 for so I figured it was worth it to see if the M11 was the reason I wasn't enjoying the LX.

    I still am in some shock at how different the sound is. There is just so much more mids presence.

    That's the main reason I moved on.. The M11 has a lot of features but I only need the music player so I wanted sound quality not all the other stuff.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2019
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  7. Giullian
    Fair enough. I promised myself to never buy a Fiio DAP again after the extreme frustration wih the X7mk2, I can't even think how it was the mk1 as people say they were much worst.
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  8. SBranson
    How is the A&Futura SE100 with the LX? That's a DAP I've been quite interested in as the top of my affordability range (at used prices).. I had been also been thinking of a WM1A but I've had the AK jr. and AK300 in the past and like A&K daps.
  9. Giullian
    Never had problem with it, don't think I ever passed half the volume level and aleays on low gain. I do have Customs LX, so it helps with isolation and keeping the volume lower. BTW, I will put mine to sell soon for a really good price, if you're interested. :ksc75smile:
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  10. singleended5863
    I had SR15 a decent sounding DAP that most headfiers raved better than SE100.
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  11. Giullian
    I had it before SE100, they don't sound much different, but SE100 seems run smoother and more details. Does the difference worth almost 3x the price? Is that usual seek for the extra 10%, so is up to each one.

    I think the SR15 would run LX.
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  12. SBranson
    Thanks.. the friend who sold me the XDP300r replaced it with the SR15 and quite likes it. I prefer the size of the SE100 as the screen of the SR15 barely looks bigger than the ZX300 that I needed to put on my glasses to read but I'm not paying 3x's for the convenience of not wearing glasses if the sound is that close..
  13. olddude
    You guys make the full jump to the big boy SP1000 and you will be surprised. I had the 120ll and when I went to the 240SS it was very obvious how much better it was. Then I went to the SP1000SS and again it was very obvious. It's never going to be twice as good for twice the price, but there is a clear difference. And if you are spending $2500 on iems, going up the DAP ladder makes them that much better.
  14. SBranson
    The SP1000 is just way too much for me even at used prices. I've been half tempted to get a used AK380 as they are quite a bit more reasonably priced for me.
  15. Giullian
    I think we are leading this thread to a different path. But just a last one about DAP, I really like DAPs and tend to agree the extr bucks brings something extra. I would sell my SE100 for an SP1000 or a new Sony A1 or Z1 with Tidal.

    Unfortunately (for me at least), all my songs are from streaming services, so I'm extremely dependent on software and DAPs can be like phones after a couple years hardware doesn't support updates anymore and there it goes your 2500.

    IEM as physical things only, doesn't need updates, so you can hold it forever if you want.
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