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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. mr.karmalicious
    That's my impression, yeah. Stage sounds a little more precise, bass sounds a little tighter. Again, I Do Not Believe This™ and should do testing, I'm just reluctant to do a bunch of cable swapping.

    Also, so far it stays straight and untwisted a bit better (makes sense due to the additional structure provided by the extra wires, as well as the weight and the different braid). We'll see if that keeps up.
  2. Van Gogh
    I have a single dynamic driver AK/beyerdynamics T8IE mkii, a $1,200 IEM.
    Compared it to EE Legend X, Valkyre and Phantom at a local dealer yesterday.

    I prefer the sound signature of my IEM, although it's 1/2 cost.
    Now I am wondering is it because mine is just as good as the others, or maybe my brain is playing tricks on me, maybe I am so used to the sound signature of my current IEM that my brain is rejecting other IEM's?
  3. CANiSLAYu
    I think in this hobby it's become ingrained that "More $$$ = Better Sound Quality," but that's not the case. In reality the higher costs are because of the materials, the R&D, the driver type, number and configuration, how much marketing that manufacturer does, what kind of margin do they need for retailers/distributors, how much margin they need, etc., etc. Hopefully better materials, design, etc. equates to better sound, but not always. Then there's the manufacturer's "house sound" and their preferred tuning and how that compares to what tickles your fancy for the kind of music you like. Then there's other factors like fit, comfort and the like that might color your opinion.

    I'd say be happy you love what you have and protect your credit card :p
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
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  4. mr.karmalicious
    I don't think anybody can answer that definitively for you. Past a certain price, it largely becomes a question of personal preference (modulo a few things that are just Bad in some way or another).

    You're probably used to the sound signature of your MKIIs, but:


    they're pretty similar to the Legend X (yours in blue, LX in gold). It's certainly possible that you found the mids and early treble to be a little too much, or that you like the spike rather than the dip at 5k—hard to say.

    Alternatively, it might just take some time to get accustomed, it might be a source thing, I'm not sure how your hearing is or what sort of tracks and genres you tried... really, it could be anything. If you're happy with your MKIIs, though, I'd remain happy with them :)
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  5. singleended5863
    I believe your brain and ears are playing tricks with you just like mine EE CIEMs are always the best ones. :L3000:
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  6. Van Gogh
    Ok, I was using them with the new A&K SP2000 DAP.
    The T8IE's are fine-tuned by AK for synergy with AK players, so that might have played a role too...

    It's not that Legend X was bad, it's really good.
    It's just that I found no sound quality difference, it just sounds a bit different...
    I was just surprised how can a single Dynamic Driver IEM sound as good as a 7 driver beast, that's all I guess.
    I was expecting a big jump in the listening experience going from $1,200 IEM to $2,500 IEM, but to me, it was not there haha.
  7. Van Gogh
    I see what you did there lol. :darthsmile:
    But actually I believe you!
  8. mwhals
    The number of drivers is irrelevant in determining what sounds best. The 64 Audio Tia Trio has three and it out performs many IEMs that have more, unless it is an Empire Ears IEM. :)
  9. mr.karmalicious
    Dynamic drivers can be super good. I think you'd find that details are probably a bit better toward the high end in complex passages on the Legend, and it's probably somewhat more resolving in songs that have a strong bass presence while a lot of other things are going on. (Of course, this might also take some adjustment to notice—I see that the A&K are quite bassy as well, but it's possible that the dual dynamics in the LX were distracting you away from that detail since you weren't used to them.)

    Maybe of small note—single-ended, the SP2000, for all its Big Dollars, has thrice the output impedance of my ES100 balanced. (balanced, the SP2000 still has twice the output impedance.) And it's much more than the new hotness, which is only a DAC+amp but costs even less than the ES100. Idk if that matters much, but it's something to consider with multi-driver headphones.
  10. Progisus
    The Senn IE 800(s) is a single driver with fantastic sound for 1k$. I will never get rid of mine.
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  11. singleended5863
    Agreed that its midrange is so sweet with vocals but like the others I don’t like the stiff cable and it felt off my ears every time.
  12. Progisus
    Agreed and cable micro-phonics are a problem but they are a superb iem.
  13. Giullian
    I think it get to a point where the exclusivity and "jewelry" feel weights more than sound on the price. Like you're funding that "unique" technology and design implementation and being one of the first adopters. (E.g. BA a long time ago, Hybrids a couple years, Tribids these days, 3D titanium shells, silver shells and many others)
  14. bvng3540
    Many made silver, titanium shell, next I would like to see gold shell
  15. mr.karmalicious
    gold too soft :zzz:

    though i guess apple's made some inroads with their gold ceramic that they use on the fanciest versions of their watch...

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