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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. CANiSLAYu
    I’d say my LX universals are like a 6.5. I can minimize it if I’m very deliberate when I insert them. If I pull my ear up and back, insert carefully, then slowly let go of my ear, I can eliminate it in most cases. Readjusting though or yawning can make it flex, as will less deliberate insertion.
  2. Giullian
    Quantifying here would be like
    Left = 8
    Right = 3

    Yawning is definitely flexing. (and I yawn a lot :) )
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  3. Vitaly2017
    Maybe try comparing the seal lvl of left and right ears? See if that has play a role in the flex?

    I personally never experienced a flex in driver even the uni lx I tried had no flex and plugged and removed it many times while auditioning...

    Did you asked ee about it?
  4. Owludio
    LX: Pretty much every time I set or adjust it, both sides. I hear distinct 2 clicks for each W9 and then 1-2 second later softer clicks when diaphragm comes back. It does not sound cringe-worthy terrible. Xelento was worse. (Sony ier-z1r had none as well as other Sony iems).
    So, don't know how to quantify it. Annoying on the scale of about 4 on LX. Basshead iem ASG2 has none. Anyone had ever sound affected by it?
  5. Vitaly2017
    The thread have gone the wrong pathe lol.

    Stop the flexing poping stories I wana hear impressions on valkyries ! Please )
  6. Giullian
    lol...priorities mate, priorities!

    Want to know the impressions on it too. well tuned tribrid can do miracles.
  7. choisan
    Just received valky, it's my wife's birthday gift.
    She is listening with N8 black brass, was specially bought to pair with.
  8. choisan
    My wife compared her fitear 335dw original cable 4.4mm termination side by side with her valky to the cayin N8 black brass, playing Madonna's hung up (has more drum playing).
    Valky vocal more forward, bass (drum) more solid and holographic. Missing extended width than Zeus.
    I compared my Zeus XRA (which is detail and smooth) with Valky. My initial impression is vocal and bass are balance to each other. Valky has more stand out bass and depth.
    Recalling my impression on Lx when it was initially launched in HK, I did recall i didn't prefer Phantom. Yes, Valky's bass is less spongy than Lx but more punchy than my Zeus XRA in matter.
    I want to run in more in the next few days, and will try the Valky with effect audio janus basso and crystal cable dream duet later on.
    I am happy from my first impression. To be honest, I tried in the av show in hk 2 weeks ago with my Sony wm1a, Sony really needs to turn up a hell of a lot to drive the Valky.
    From my memory, Wraith was much more easy to drive, but the treble was a little more high pitch than Valky
    I am relief after putting it on my n8bb now.
    Sorry for my amateur comments
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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  9. mr.karmalicious
    No need to apologize—thanks for the impressions!

    I do want to swing back to driver flex real quick—if you have sound tubes leading out from dynamic drivers (like the LX does), aren't you guaranteed to get some flex if you move the IEM more than a certain amount while maintaining a seal? Of course you wouldn't get it with foam, as mentioned, as the seal is only complete once the foam expands and fits the ears. But with silicone or customs, it's unlikely that you only achieve a seal at the final insertion depth, so you're going to get flex unless you purposefully (e.g.) pull your ear to prevent a seal from forming until you let go. This seems true to me regardless of venting, or at least any venting level that you might reasonably find in an IEM. Am I wrong somewhere?
  10. Owludio
    If you are wrong, that would make at least two of us. I compared flex on the lx with IMR Zenith which sounds really loud, but with tuning nozzle that has hole in it - no flex. Also, I once took apart Sony with 16mm single DD and found that diaphragm niche has multiple tiny columns all around limiting excursion. That's why Sonny's have no flex sound ever!
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  11. bflat
    If driver flex bothers you, then you can forget about owning Stax electrostats. Of course Stax owners call it "farts".
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  12. Giullian
    Actually I didn't like Stax. :) (will get a lot of hates now)
  13. SBranson
    Now that's something you don't hear every day..
    The 007/717 was the best I've ever heard...
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
  14. Owludio
    Could you please share what was wrong with the sound? For me, all ortho-dynamics suffer from the same issue: lack of the low end impact due to the limited force that moves ultra light diaphragm. The treble is addictive though, that's why new 3-hybrids getting my attention!:spy:
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  15. Giullian
    I heard the 003/005/007 during a show around here. They were nice, but didn't blow my mind as I was expecting due to others opinion. Ugly as hell, uncomfortable and bad quality. Looks like toys. (Expensive ones)

    Don't get me wrong. Just tastes. Not for me, I'm more a ZMF kinda guy, beautiful and enjoyable.

    On top of the above, the mid-highs are really good, specilly highs, but music are not highs alone. Low end was hidden somewhere away on a drawer. I'm with you and I heard a couple tribids and they are what is missing on the big ones. Like "I just want that highs" and the rest I can manage with BA and DD. Looking forward for the opportunity to try the Vlakies and Warth.
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