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Dunu DK-3001 IEM - 4 driver, 1Dynamic + 3BA

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  1. Nezzad1
  2. Mrcojocaru
    I will have to agree that the dk3001 can sound sibilant.. but if you EQ the mids a bit (I do 500-1000) it brings out the mid region beautifully, and reduces sibilance at the same time. I didn't have to touch the upper range. I quite enjoy it now, actually, and I'm someone who has the HD6XX and ZMF Eikon, both with rolled off highs.
  3. crabdog
    I don't see how an EQ on the midrange can possibly reduce sibilance, which is generally 5-8kHz and above?
  4. Mrcojocaru
    I'm not the most tech savvy with audio, but I try hard to get the sound that I like, and I swear it does help somehow. S's seem to not sound so sharp anymore. Maybe its not helping for the reasons I think it does, but that bit of EQ makes a world of difference for me.
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  5. cfc7
    I didn't like the upper midrange emphasize of the 3001 and I used the EQ but for the 2-6.5 khz region, not 500-1000 and I wouldn't say there is a sibilance but rather too much energy for the high mids, which for me was really annoying.
    Also I would have like more sub-bass extension.
  6. Mrcojocaru
    Interesting. I'll try that out a bit and see how I like it. The region I EQed makes them sounds so much more alive. You should give it a shot!
  7. Brooko Contributor
    Sorry for the delay.

    Source X7ii with AM3A amp module.

    The LZ-A4 has a lot more bass (especially sub-bass) but I find it quite boomy with this combo. DK-3001 has similar overall presentation but is a lot cleaner. Both are quite V shaped.

    If you prefer the LZ-A4's bass emphasised like this though - then the DK-3001 isn't really going to be an upgrade for you. No doubt that the DK-3001 has better timbre and overall quality. It just doesn't have the quantity.

    Top end is similar on both - DK-3001 just seems to have a little more overall balance.
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  8. Nezzad1
    Thank you. I might be looking into freshly released LZ a6. From the graph that I got it seems it will have a ton of sub-bass. Cheers :)
  9. tomscy2000
    Mrcojocaru likes this.
  10. Mrcojocaru
    After a good while with these IEMs, I don't think they're quite for me. The biggest issues for me are the thin kidm and lack of isolation.

    I think that what I'd love is something more like the dk4001 but with big and deep bass. I'm not sure if just EQing then will cut it for bass.

    Does anyone have any recommendations in that vein? I'm willing to spend a bit over 1k usd.

    For a bit of reference, this is how I EQ the dk3001 and it sounds much better to my ears. Any more eq and it starts to sound funny. 20181227_114606.jpg
  11. Bonobo
    Would these be a good upgrade coming from the Dunu 1000's?
    Also, after reading through the thread these seem to be a bit treble 'shy'. What is a good option if you want something with the same sound characterics but a bit more treble?

    Anyone who listened to the Campfire Audio Atlas who can compare?
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
  12. phthora
    Maybe the Periodic Be or Empire Ear Bravado would be a good place to start researching.
  13. caspadan
    I actually just gave my DN-1000 to my brother yesterday since I just can't listen to every single IEM. For me, the DN-1000 is already quite a great IEM, but I would say that the DK-3001 is a considerably more fine-tuned piece, and I consider them a good upgrade. I don't find them to be treble shy myself though.
    Regarding Atlas, I have no clue.
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  14. Mrcojocaru

    I looked those up. I don't think they'll work .I need something more linear but with a good bass kick. I was even looking at 64 audio but their highest end stuff all had recessed mids.

    I'm giving the Campfire Andromeda S a shot. It won't have the bass, but it'll have the mids. For the bass, I'm keeping the DK.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
  15. harry501501
    I get mixed feelings on whether to pull the plug on the 3001. I worry that at it's price it might not offer the same value as a lot of the newer hybrids from Asia in the £200-300 range. Fit also worries me.
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