DIY Woody Grado/Symphones Magnums - A build diary

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  1. Rav
    It needed to be enlarged afterwards on the lathe.  i could probably have used a 44 but didn't want to chance it being too big and the driver falling all the way in.
  2. Rav
    Well the gods of procrastination have finally smiled and i've started to finish (...erm) these at last.  I've had the shellac mixed up (it comes in dry flakes that disolve in spirits) for ages, but never got around to taking the cans apart to paint it on.
    Anyway, so far these have had five or six coats, sanded down between most coats (some i gave two applications between sandings).  I reckon i'll need another coat or two, and at least one more sanding as i have a few bubbles and other imperfections that i would like to get out.  The lacquer i chose is a satin matte, so i don't know how it will apply over such a sheen, might need to buff it with some wet and dry sandpaper or wire wool before i spray it on.
    These are a right bugger to photograph, as the shine gets in the way, plus they produce different colours depending on the angle they catch the light...
    I've been having issues with sourcing and then cutting the grille, i got some woven wire mesh (very similar to stock grado RS series mesh) but couldn't cut out a circle of it without the wires un-meshing.  I also tried some old metal speaker grilles (the hex perforated type) but my shears again weren't sharp enough.  By chance i found a pair of old car speaker/tweeters that looked about the right size with domed metal grilles (albeit with a dent in one, should be able to hammer it out though).  I sacrificed them for the cause to find that they are a perfect fit - 43mm exactly.  They'll need cleaning up (i'll probably take the paint off with paint stripper and re paint with better stuff, or just clear lacqer if i like them bare metal) but you get an idea...
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  3. chinsettawong
    That's very beautiful.  Congratulations!
  4. chrislangley4253
    Looking good! Really good!
  5. dakwan
    Keep it up! Couldn't wait for the result.
  6. 7keys
    Nice work!
    The photo's turned out nice, you can see the grain clearly. 
    Looks like you took the pics outdoors?
    Anyone know if there is a thread on how to take pics of your headphones, I always have trouble with lighting. 
  7. Rav
    Thanks all, pretty happy with them so far, although i'm doing some remedial work on one of them, the other i've put some satin lacqer on which has taken the glass like shine right off, i'll see about taking some photos later.
    Yes outdoors, in evening daylight.  In an ideal world I think it's best on a bright overcast day, so there's no direct sunlight to cast hard shadows.  An SLR is ideal, but not essential (SLRs or other larger format - ie, bigger than a point and shoot will let you get those totally out of focus backgrounds) ... just make sure you get as close as possible so the subject isn't a tiny dot in the middle, and use a fast enough shutter speed to eliminate any shake (for which the good daylight really helps, as would a tripod).  I think i put in a third of a stop positive exposure compensation (slightly over exposed) for most of those shots as the camera was taking too much of the background into account and therefore making the wood too dark to see properly.  Your average compact should focus close enough combined with the zoom to get a pair of cans to fill most of the frame, and that's before any macro setting it probably has int here somewhere.
  8. wje
    Those cups just look crazy gorgeous !!  
  9. westinlennox
    The fact that this thread went unupdated for almost 9 months has convinced me that my own mod projects can be finished as well :) Your woodies look phenomenal man!
  10. wje
    I know myself, as other members would be quite eager to follow your progress during your build.  It's always interesting to watch how things go together to make a beautiful build in the end.  Or, if you're thinking of scrapping the build, I know I'd be interested in some of the parts, depending on what might available.  Thanks,
  11. westinlennox
    Sure! I acquired a pair of sr80is a while back, and have been meaning to try out a new headband and a recable, if not full-on wood cups.  I'd like to start a little small, and "test the waters" if you will.  If/when I finally get in gear on that project, I will be sure to post regular updates.
  12. wje
    Good to hear.  Your project should be pretty straight forward.  In fact, I have a pair of Alessandro MS1i headphones with just the comfy pads and I can't believe how good they sound.  I use a slight bit of EQ, and I've never touched the backs of the drivers by opening any of the holes up.  Others have done this to improve the bass a bit.  However, I've found that while there is more bass, it isn't the quality of bass that I'd desire.
    With your mods - cable, wooden cups and reviewing some of the various pad options, you could get by with about $100 - $110 in expenses.  This would make it about a $200 total project cost (including the value of your SR-80i headphones.)  You'll find that the sound you could achieve could be up towards something in the $300 or so range.  Not a bad investment by just changing a couple of items.
  13. westinlennox
    See that sounds awesome to me.  Better sound, plus I get to have a little fun.  I am also in no way opposed to tweaking the EQ a bit.  If it sounds better, I am doing it!
  14. westinlennox
    Okay, I know you are over in the other thread at the moment as well, but I wanted to make sure anyone else following this knew that I had actually lived up to my word :)  Here is a link to my current progress.  
  15. wje
    We never doubted you.  What is that square piece of adhesive on the back of the magnet?  Didn't you have any Dynamat or blue tack?

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