DIY Woody Grado/Symphones Magnums - A build diary

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  1. westinlennox
    Nope I have been low on supplies for awhile, so that is straight up 3M padding.  It is probably useless, but until I go out and buy Dynamat I stuck it on there as a damper.  I was wondering if someone would comment on that :wink:
  2. ehlers
    I really like the look of this! Have you worked with wood many times before?
  3. bigandtall
    My only advice would be to listen good and hard to the SR80 sound before you do anything. By the time I had modded mine completely, I couldn't remember what they sounded like... and honestly, I'm not sure that they sounded "that" much better. It was fun to do all of the modding, but in the end, I wasn't sure if it was all worth it. 
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  4. chinsettawong
    The fun in moddibg it is already well worth it. I'm sure.
  5. awesomebob
    Hi guys, my dad kicks ass when it comes to working with a lathe, and he has said that if possible he will turn me up a pair of cups, the only problem is that I don't have a pair for reference.... I have brought a pair of Koss Porta pro's to use for the drivers, but is it possible for one of you to give me the dimensions for the cup? and for the materials I was thinking aluminium, mahogany, teak, or ebony (if possible), what do you think?
  6. awesomebob
    ummm maybe I found them, would you say that these are ok to use for DIY wood cups? 
  7. chrislangley4253
    What you've got there is an outer shell of a cup designed to be in two pieces..  Sorry I cannot give you a better idea of what you need, but that probably is not it.
  8. wje
    I think his cup just uses a single piece of material.  In the profile shot, the wood color was removed so you could see the precise measurements of the prototype.  Had the brown color been applied to the whole image, it would have been harder to see the measurements correctly.  I think the term might be "cut away" for the view.
  9. chrislangley4253

    Look again. I'm pretty sure that diagram is only an outer shell of a cup. Look at the how shallow it is, and the cut-out for the cable.

    It is only a single piece, but it is intended to be coupled with an inner sleeve of some sort.

    I could be wrong.. I've been out of the grado scene for quite some time :)
  10. awesomebob
    Yeah I've seen where some designs have sleeves, but for me its pretty difficult to understand teh basic construction as I have only seen grado's online, I have never found them to look at physically.
    I know I need a lip for the foam pad, but I have not been able to find any dimensions for this, the cup internal diameter I was going to take from the porta pro drivers, the depth of the cups I figured would be between 1 1/2 to 2 inches, what would be a great help to me would be an idea of the wall thickness, and the gimble diameter... to be honest the more information the better!
    From what I read he higher end grados avoid resonance in the aluminium cups because of their size, if I could get an idea of what size this is that would be great, I only intend to use these at home with my starving student amp (in progress)!
  11. chrislangley4253
    Yeah, that's another thing.. these cups have no lips for the pads! Definitely not a complete cup design!
    I wish I had some dimensions for you. I do know that the ideal cup is usually 1.25" in length.
  12. awesomebob
    hey thats a help, I think the ones above are missing the sleeve, and I have also found that people mention that the aluminium cups are larger so that there is more weight.... I will keep looking......
  13. Melvins
  14. awesomebob
    I found this, thought it was pretty cool....

  15. pwodarz
    Wow that was incredible. Very impressive!
    What stops the drivers from rattling in the cups?

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