DIY Woody Grado/Symphones Magnums - A build diary

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions' started by rav, Sep 5, 2012.
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  1. Rav
    Sorry not replied for a while. Had some issues with the lacqer so i had to sand back down to bare wood and start again with the shellac. Weather has gotten pretty cold again so i havn't been doing too much lately, although i probably have enough coats to be presentable, but not quite as finished looking as the pics before. Might put a few more coats on before i reassemble them. Also need to strip the paint from the grilles and respray them.

    In my case a little electrical tape wrapped around the driver and friction. In an ideal world the machining would be exact and they would fit snug. Grado uses some super secret glue (no, it's not hot melt, and i'm 99% certain it's not animal hide either) on their wooden cups. For my next pair (ha) i plan on making some metal threaded inserts to hold grub screws, like on the HP1000s...
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  2. Melvins
    were these never finished? what a shame 
  3. Rav
    Well, if by 'finished' you mean that i have no more i want to do to them, then no, they aren't ... but that's not to say that i'm not listening to them on a daily basis.
    I made up some temporary grilles out of a couple of computer fan guards, to at least make them look semi presentable as opposed to gaping holes in the ends.  I'm not too keen on they way they look to be honest, but i haven't yet gotten around to stripping and repainting the domed ones that i salvaged. 
  4. Melvins
    I think they look great! what type of wood is that? what driver did you use again? 
  5. Rav
    it's mahogany of some description i believe, and magnum v4s iirc.
  6. Melvins
    how do they sound? do you have any other grados which you've compared them to? 
  7. Rav

    Well, they get more head time than my Vintage RS1s and my HF2s combined.  These days i try not to do to much critical listening and just enjoy the music ... otherwise i end up spending too much money on things i didn't know i needed :p
  8. capnjack
    WOW! Great thread! Absolutely stunning looking Grados? :wink:
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