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DIY Earbuds

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  1. fairx
    Does those shoe horse tuning foam actually have different densities at all? People say tune all the time on FB pages but does it really?

    I ordered some white foam said to be used with common earbud driver. It does change the sound of my ty32. But it's obvious because different color and material from normal foams that pre-applied.

    Anybody experiment with more seller on Aliexpress?
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
  2. seanc6441
    Yes there are different thickness and density and yes they drastically change the sound presentation in different ways.

    The foam on my shozy bk has deteriorated and thus I started modding it, currently going with some cloth + paper filter and very sparse tunning cotton to fill the cavity to increase the soundstage. Excellent results so far removing all the low mid bloat making them sound more neutral and with a more spacious airy soundstage.


    Yes I was worried to mod the BK but at the end if the day curiousity got to me. It's easily reversable if i buy new tuning foam of standard density.


    Easy to spot :p
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
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  3. Lothar101
    Some stores on AliExpress call it tuning cotton as well.
  4. endia
    Sean, i believe you're looking for these;


    but needs confirmation if they are adhesive or not..
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  5. seanc6441
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  6. Tusca99
    Thanks a lot, do you have any link or info of that shell? I like it more over the yuin pk2 shell. And any driver I could attach to it that you recommend?
  7. activatorfly
    Anyone with any tips regarding opening glued earbud housings? (with minimum damage obvs!)
  8. DBaldock9
    Some people use a concentrated (focused) hot air gun - but you need to be careful not to get the plastic diaphragm of the drivers too hot.
  9. activatorfly
    Yes I think that method may be too risky...I tried using rubbing alcohol on a cheaper pair - with no joy. Been watching a You Tube video where n-hexane is used as a solvent to open the shells - however, apparently it's uber strong! So great care is needed when applying, in order to avoid dissolving the glue that attaches the membrane to the coil anchor.....
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  10. DAndrew
    They dont ship out of china sadly :/ but I will try to think of a solution
  11. Niqeres
    I used the "bladed" section of my wire strippers to pry out the drivers. Will scratch the plastic driver covers if you're not careful. If you're not careful with a heat gun you'll risk warping the plastic of the earbud shell, damaging or making it uncomfortable to wear. Front covers are extremely difficult to replace once it's warped.
  12. Niqeres
    They do ship out of china. Costs are 100ish RMB to NA, not sure if it's available at EU though.
  13. activatorfly
    Thanks, I think I'll put the upgrade on hold for now (until I can find a way to avoid damage) - as the buds I was considering re-cabling are my cherished CampFred 1's!:)
  14. seanc6441
    Sadly it's not pk drivers. I think it's for 14.5mm driver its my K's Ling earbud. If you want shell's for 14.8mm pk drivers type then the link Golov posted above is the one you want. It's the same design as the Moondrop Liebesleid.
  15. DAndrew
    Some stores dont sadly
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