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DIY Earbuds

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  1. Houseg1011
    may i ask for the link where you bought this :)
  2. golov17
    @vapman long ago left the forum
  3. DBaldock9
    Last post was 17-MAY-17, in one of the Headphone threads.
  4. seanc6441
    There's a diy earbud thread, but i haven't seen any complete guides.
  5. kw8910
    Before I start butchering my Monk Lite (or Qian 39 shell), what's the best way to open it up for recable? Does the driver come off like it does with PK or MX500 shells after applying some heat?
  6. chaiyuta
    Yesterday, I received my Monk Lite Special Mod by Cross Lambda Audio with his newly SPC starlight project cable together with CL's DIY parts . WooHoo~

    1) Monk Lite Special Mod~
    Monk Lite SPC Starlight 01.png

    Monk Lite SPC Starlight 02.png

    2) Monk+ Junkhosha (with re-soldering wire tuning) vs Monk Lite Special Mod
    Monk Lite SPC Starlight 03.png

    3) CL's Pure Copper Spiltter, Pure Copper Plug and Pure Copper Barrel / 2.5 mm OC Studio Plugs~
    CL DIY Plug and Splitter 01.png

    4) Under Developing PHRAKAR Splitter Prototype. The final version will be more refined. Actually, I'd almost placed an order for my specific custom laser engraving, though I stil can't design a proper logo for my own sake in time. Maybe next time of production~
    PHRAKAR Splitter.png
  7. subwoof3r
    Hi everybody!
    Glad to enter this very interesting thread :)

    Did someone tried to open RY4S (or GM500) EMX500 shells style yet?
    I tried tonight and that's probably (with EMX500S from Fengru) one of my most EMX500 shells hard to open till date.
    Seems like they are glued like hell..
    I tried with mom hair dryer for a minute on the shells directly before trying.
    There is now some scratchs around plastic drivers, but still not opened.
    I begin to be worried, as I didn't wanted to scratch anything, and get clean earbuds, but look like we can't get those recabling without damaging.
    Willsound MK2 was extremely easy to open for exemple.

    Any recommendation is welcomed :)

    Also, do we really need to put glue after soldering internal plugs ? I'm planning to not doing so, not sure if it's risky?
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  8. pooty
    Here's a bag of free random earbud stuff I don't need, if any of you DIYers can make use of it I'll mail it to you.

  9. Lothar101
  10. Lothar101
    I'd love to have it the tips themselves are much needed.
    pooty likes this.
  11. cathee
    Hey guys -

    Interested in repairing / buildling a couple of pairs of earbuds but am looking for online retailers to source materials: drivers, cables, connectors: can anyone recommend a good website for the US?

    TIA for your time.
  12. HungryPanda
    What size drill do you need to open up the chamber on MX500 shells?
  13. Makahl
    Hey! Do you guys use some wire stripping tool to remove the cables insulation for tiny wires?

    I got a cable wired out of phase and I'd like to replace the connector and solder it properly. However, the wires are so tiny which makes difficult to remove the insulation using a utility knife, also it's a nightmare when I damage a wire and need to remake it again to get the alignment. So if there's a tool or a tip to do a good job I'd appreciate any kind of help!
  14. DBaldock9
    If you're talking about the air channel that parallels the wire channel - well, it's curved, and oval, so you can't actually run a straight drill bit down the length of it.
    What I've done, is to take a 3.0mm - 3.5mm drill bit (which fits in the vertical opening), and angle it into the earbud back chamber, pressed down below the wire channel, and spin it with my fingers - to open the end of the air channel.
    Then I take a "dental pick", and clean up the opening area of both channels.
    In this photo, the upper hole you see, is the wire channel, and it is pretty much straight and round.
    The air channel is below it, just above the gray area where the drill bit "chewed up" the plastic some.
    HungryPanda likes this.
  15. subwoof3r
    Hey guys,
    How do you solder copper wires ?
    I recently bought "WBT-0800 Silver Solder" but it works well only for silver (logic..) but not copper.
    When I try: copper does not attach from solder to copper wires, the ball just "slides" :frowning2:
    Do I need to buy some cu0.7 ?
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