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DIY Earbuds

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  1. purplesun
    Apologies for going off-topic. Am looking for recommendations on sub-$50 DAPs - vertically-oriented, simple user interface, slim and, typically, quite weak output.

    headphone amp.jpg
    I had originally wanted to find a housing for this headphone amp board from my old stash. It makes a nice weighty sound.
    I then realise this could be a good basis for a DAP, if I can mash it with a slim DAP internals and house them together back-to-back (removing slim DAP's battery and rear housing).

    I have no clue what is a halfway decent sounding cheap slim DAPs I see on AliExpress.
    There used to be a few threads, but no one talks about them anymore.
    Any recommendation on these slim DAPs will be helpful to me.

    EDIT: Just to close out this off-topic post. I just ordered Benjie X3 from taobao for almost no money (around US$10). I will probably create another DIY thread if this DAP/Amp mash-up turns out any good.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
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  2. mbwilson111
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  3. purplesun
  4. endia

    a while ago, i had saw this, a bit late though..

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  5. Niqeres
    Damn that's a real nice, tight braid.
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  6. chaiyuta
    It takes quite a long time since I sent my specific DIY parts to PHARKAR consisting of 2 japanese soldering wire, CL copper splitter, 4.4 mm CL pure copper plug and Toxic discontinued Silver Plated Copper Litz (The Last workpiece before Mr.Frank died). Now My custom-spec PHARKAR 185 Ohm already finished. Look forward to listening it.

    PHRAKAR 185 Copper 480p.png
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019
  7. golov17
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  8. drey101
    I got curious and inspired by the diy earbuds on post in the earbud and iem/earbud lounge. Complete newbie here, but would there be good source on how to get started making your own buds? Haha, I may be too optimistic about this as I only have super basic soldering knowledge back in college a few years back.

    I know I can get cables, drivers and shells in aliexpress, but is there anything else I need to get started?
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  9. HungryPanda
    My latest build 32 ohm carbon drivers

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  10. alias71
    I broke the cable of my beloved mx 980 :frowning2:. Not sure how it happened, I was just storing them in a case like I have done for hundreds of times in the past.
    Is it possible to repair it or maybe I should re-cable them with a more durable cable? Is there anyone that can do it in US for a reasonable price?


  11. golov17
    This is not your fault - this is a common problem with all mx980,985
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  12. alias71
    Thanks Golov17,
    is there anything that I could attempt to repair it, maybe as a DIYer (I have a basic soldering skill)?
  13. golov17
    yes, it is possible. once I did it in the past
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  14. alias71
    Great, this gives me some hope!
    I removed the rubber ring from the mx 980 earbuds but I could not find a way to open them. Can you please tell me how you opened them?
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  15. golov17
    with a knife, like, I don’t remember
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