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DIY Earbuds

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  1. gwompki
    I'm an active participant over on the Earbuds roundup thread (http://www.head-fi.org/t/441400/earbuds-round-up) and recently there has been a fair amount of discussion regarding DIY.  I realize there is already a thread discussing IEMs, but I didn't see much discussion for ear buds.
    There are a lot of components available for sale on AliExpress, but unfortunately the product descriptions are very often lacking in detail.  I'm hoping this thread will become a place to share information on parts, show completed builds, give impressions on tuning materials, potential pitfalls, etc.
    Just to kick off the discussion, I'm planning to build a 300 ohm earbud with these drivers (thanks to @Brian Coffey for recommendation):
    As well as what I think is a Yuin PK1 type bud:
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  2. Brian Coffey
    I'm here and subscribed :) I saw another of the PK1 drivers last night with a red film. I'll try to find the link.
  3. gwompki
    I saw those as well. Red film 150 ohm and 32 ohm. Also pink film which were labeled as pk2 I think.

    I would love to know the differences.
  4. purplesun
    Subscribed as well.

    Have these on the way. Claims to be the drivers used in Sony e888 and ath-cm5. Thought I'd give it a try.


    Will post up results when it's done.
  5. Brian Coffey
    16mm sounds interesting and the price is right. May try these for my next project.
  6. purplesun
    But be warned. If it is indeed like the originals, there will be no lower bass and recessed mid bass. But mids and highs should be quite special. Fingers crossed.
  7. Brian Coffey
    Hmmm May not be for me then. Looking for sound like Cygnus or Zen 2.0 I think. I haven't heard either...Lol
  8. purplesun

    Anyone have any idea what's a good one to use? I'm just going use whatever I have lying around. Unless, there's something better. Hope I don't make a mess of it.
  9. Brian Coffey
    I used RTV silicon applied with a tooth pick to stick the fronts on the shells. For a more permanent solution I had thought about Plasti Weld like what I used on model cars.
  10. purplesun

    Yeah, end-game earbuds made on our kitchen table, costing the price of a box of cereals.
  11. Brian Coffey
    I love the idea of it. There is just so many drivers out there and so little time.
  12. purplesun
    Silly not to try, what's the worse that can happen? Couple of solder burns or someone swallows a driver, that's all.
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  13. mochill
    Looks like a cool thread.
  14. vapman
    The timing of this thread is great. I'm looking to put together some 16mm driver buds... Got most of the parts picked out on ali.
  15. Ira Delphic
    So in other words it's time to learn how to solder for those of us that never tried? 
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