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DIY Earbuds

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  1. Tusca99
    I really like that shell, but I can't find it on aliexpress, do you have a link that I can use? Otherwise I found this combination here:

    15.4mm metal shell

    15.4mm driver
  2. seanc6441
    Sorry this shell is for a TOTL earbud not sold separately but if you were to look for designs to influence a 3D printed shell I thought that one was the best I've used so far for comfort and use.

    The shells on aliexpress are a bit basic. That's why I went with the one from taobao it looks much more impressive.
  3. seanc6441

    I found some pretty awesome metal 15.4mm/mx500 driver shells on aliexpress for a expensive-ish price but sold in 20 (10 pairs) units at €104 (€5.20 per shell) i can try get the price down from the seller but would you be interested in a group buy?

    Here's the shell


    Is that awesome or what :D

    They resemble ourart ti7 shell design but smoother edges and you can apply different covers for a more conventional front shape (like metal mx500/mx760 grille).
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
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  4. DAndrew
    They are nice indeed, very nice. But there is a problem with them. You cant really tune them as I cannot see any vents. So you would be at the mercy of how the driver performs :/
  5. seanc6441
    Hmm Yeah i mean id be tempted to drill them but idk what metal is used, might be hard...

    Silly of them not to include venting like in ourart ti7... :/
  6. DAndrew
    I doubt you can drill them since it looks ( and probably is ) a brittle and cheap alloy :frowning2:
  7. golov17
    Any links?
  8. kw8910
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  9. golov17
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  10. seanc6441
    The seller will give you a much better deal if you order say 5 pairs. Just message them if you decide to buy some :)
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  11. DBaldock9
    I've created a simple plug & jack pin-out reference (PNG & PDF) -
    EDIT: Updated chart on 23-DEC-18
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2018
  12. Mallowpuff
    This is probably a stupid question, and when someone says I shouldn't be trying to make my own earbuds, they are right.

    But, what exactly is involved in making DIY earbuds? Parts, money, time wise.

    I'm talking mid-range sound quality, nothing special, comfortable earbuds. I want something that sounds good, but doesn't break the bank. I am a college student. I am mostly in it for the experience.

    I read through many pages but didn't find anything that really summarized it.

    Also, not that I am doing it, but has anyone here made DIY Bluetooth earbuds?
  13. DBaldock9
    How much of this thread have you read?

    I know that myself, and several others have posted photos of the earbuds we've assembled, along with links to the AliExpress vendors where we bought the parts (drivers, shells, damping material, wire, connectors).

    For Bluetooth, if you use the MX500 sized shells, it's fairly easy to find MMCX jacks that will fit in the wire channel, so you can connect any BT w/MMCX lanyard.
  14. Mallowpuff
    Thanks for the info. I read what I thought was quite a bit, but didn't actually get to any complete builds. Almost all links I did find led to "Product not found" or Out of Stock.

    I will go back through and look, thank you!
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  15. Niqeres
    I am a college student myself, and i've been making my own earbuds over the past year and a half. Part of the draw for me is discovering what kinds of sounds you can create by pairing different drivers and tuning combinations. It's not about making the absolute best earbuds, but what you can get off the amount of materials you pay for. The process of learning, creating and finishing a cable/earbud is a very rewarding one, but the cost of tools/materials will add up if you decide to commit completely.
    One tip to get cheaper parts is to shop directly off the international taobao site. It's almost always cheaper even after factoring total shipping/forwarding costs, as long as you purchase a haul enough for more than 2 earbuds. If you are not proficient in mandarin, there are guides online that teach you the step by step to order an item. Google translate works well enough, but you'll have to get used to different terminologies used to describe sound. Drivers translate to "trumpets" for example. I've sunk in hundreds of dollars into the hobby of making earbuds, and there is the case where i could have spent that money on better earphones instead, but eventually the hunger for something "better" would set in, and the previous earphone that i spent money on will just eventually be thrown into the pile of abandoned earphones.
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