DIY Earbuds

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  1. handwander
    Anyone know of a shell that could be used for something as thing / flat as this?

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  2. cathee
    Can anyone link me to a tutorial on re-soldering earbuds? TIA.
  3. jamonbread
    How do these AGPTek's compare to the Monk +'s
  4. dhruvmeena96
    One heck of a mod, which can make IEM a monstrous thing.

    You need a MU metal tape

    Open your earbud....tape everything with this tape but keep all the vents open at the back..

    Open up the front plastic part which cover the diaphragm and tape the inside and poke holes for audio to pass through.

    You have shielded all the magnetic force for the earbud and this will increase total flux acting toward the coil....

    Increasing sensitivity and bass response...

    VE monk turned into Zen without ohm increase(lol, I did not do that..)

    But theoretically you can turn your earbud more sensitive to signal and better tuned....with the annoying repulsive force gone...

    It also dampens the harmful magnetic waves also..
    Try it..

    I am also going to try on VE monk +
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  5. silverfishla
    But...does it work? Let us know, show us some pics please. I'll give it whirl, just for kicks.
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  6. fairx
    Anybody ordered 300 ohms driver? I want to try make cheap 300 ohms and experiment. Seems that 300 ohms are quite generic but widely used.
  7. Niqeres
    I ordered two different types from a seller on taobao. One sounds neutral/bright, the other is warm. Have not gotten any recent mainstream popular earbuds such as the willsounds, emx500 or the dozens of FAAEL's out there, but i do have the vido's, graphenes and a butt load of other diy drivers to compare them to.

    Edit: The warmer 300ohm pair is my current daily driver. They're the ones with the white front cover.
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  8. fairx
    Bro. How much did you pay for those? I look into AE last right and the price for 300 ohm quite high. Even more than few ready made earbud like k's 300
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  9. Niqeres
    About 30 ringgits per pair excl shipping.
  10. Hardphone
    Hello guys! I was seeing on Aliexpress which has a diy pk1 earbud models for a very low price. You recommend buying these diy models, the price of them is very low, but I am left with the doubt if they are really original
    Sorry for my bad English kkkk
  11. Niqeres
    They are not original. Can't comment on the sound though, I do not own any, except for a few 14.8mm drivers,
  12. Hardphone
    which parts do you recommend for me to mount a pk1 diy?
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  13. knudsen
    Considering one of these cables;

    4 cores
    6 cores
    8 cores

    Would anyone know how many of these "cores" can comfortably enter mx500 shell? I feel 8 is too much... :triportsad:

    As far as I can see 4 cores must mean 1 wire up/1return per side, 8 cores 2up/2return per side, and 6 is maybe 2up/1return per side
  14. fairx
    Idk about what they mean by core but I believe all of them will fit nicely into mx500 shell . I believe the core are the wire inside the cable sheath. Someone should correct me if I'm wrong

    @Niqeres could you help me with link to the driver you bought . I only found the pricier ones .
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  15. DBaldock9
    I've been on the lookout for bulk Copper Litz cable.
    Found a shop on eBay, that has a lot of different configurations (# strands / AWG) - but they're mainly marketing it for making High Q Coils for Amateur Radio & Crystal Radio.

    I believe that this particular cable is small enough (0.66mm OD), that 4 strands would fit into an earbud shell, allowing for an 8-strand braided cable to be assembled -
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