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DIY Cable Gallery!!

  1. Mellowship
    Thanks. Been doing myself all the cables I use on my home hifi system, but I have little to no experience making cables for portable audio. I had some fun, though.
    I am not worried about the twisting rate of this cable; for this distance, capacitance and interference don't bother me. My objectives were that it looked good, was tough and had a little bit of stiffness to help hold the dap and amp together. I think it does a good job in those regards. IMG_20170914_214533.jpg
  2. Paladin79
    Looks good and I was just talking in general terms how that wire is used, you are correct that twisting rate should not matter here. I just always found it fascinating that even with twists, cat 5 cable cannot have the twists match with the other three pair in a standard patch cable.
  3. Mellowship
    Yeah, it's a great technical design, rather fascinating. It's all contributing to annul interference.
  4. Oscar-HiFi
    Perfected my ultra mini adaptor :D

  5. Letmebefrank
    That's really cool!
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  6. Moses4188
    Repaired my colleague's son's CX 300 II. Ordinary problem with the jack because of the poor construction - see photo. I used a paracord sleeve with Neutrik NTP3RC-B connector but I exchanged the tip for a silver one from NTP3RC. It was probably the worst repair ever :beyersmile: Those tiny wires are a nightmare to solder because of the lacquer and ropes. Also I had to buy another jack becuase I failed at the first attempt and at the second attempt my soldering iron died...

    IMG_20170919_224117.jpg IMG_20170917_125128.jpg

    Also here's one jack/cinch cable in progress...

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  7. L0rdGwyn
    Hey errbody - question for the floor: I haven't worked with type I paracord before. Would I be able to fit a two stranded, twisted 26 AWG wire inside? Each individual wire has a 0.8mm OD, so I figured twisted would be somewhere around 1.6mm. Type 1 can take around 2mm or less, yes? Thanks!
  8. WayTooCrazy

    If I recall, it was a super, duper.. not worth the trouble trying to fit 2 strands of Mogami W2893 into Type 1.
  9. L0rdGwyn
    Thanks for the response! I am going to attempt it. Was planning to do an eight-conductor cable, two wires per type I cord, then four strand litz braid. If I can't cram the two wires, I'll just do a four-conductor instead.

  10. zacrobmer
    Twisted 26 gauge (Mogami 2893) will fit in 275 paracord. Is used 2893 to make a cable for my HE-400i. I used 4 strands twisted in 550 paracord, that split into two twisted double strands in 275.

    A single 24 guage (Mogami 2534) will fit in 275 paracord.
  11. dhaninugraha
    Unsheathed, paracord-sleeved Mogami 2534 for my HD25:


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  12. zacrobmer
    Right. Mogami 2534 will fit fine in "regular" sized 550 cord. But not more then a single strand in 275 at least not the two paracord planet colors that I have.

    275 is about half the diameter of 550
  13. lurk
    I bought some 2mm paracord from Aliexpress and it fits nicely with canare quad star stripped. IMG-20170928-WA0009.jpeg
  14. Moses4188
    Finished work...

  15. mabus627
    So, what sorts of sleeve material is there aside from paracord? As nice as being able to choose my colors or have it patterned is, I've seen cloth covered cables foul up too many times to trust it.

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