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DIY Cable Gallery!!

  1. Paladin79
    The price at Mr Speakers is really not so bad, they use a brand that is similar to Hirose. I generally get them from Mouser, Tecnec (Markertek), or Allied Electronics.
  2. ostewart
    My German Maestro now with dual 3.5mm jacks, and a 1.2m HiFiMan cable with a 3m extension cable for the HE300 using Van Damme cable.

    IMG_20170907_154243-01.jpeg 21427255_1435990149782408_5664270242158822611_o.jpg
  3. hoskoau
    I have purchased some cheap hirose connectors off Aliexpress. They worked fine.
  4. lurk
    Hi, mind sharing the link?
    Appreciate it. Thanks
  5. WayTooCrazy
    @ostewart On your headphone, are those Kobiconn connectors? If so, where did you get them in black housing? I've only find an ugly gray (I have to paint mine for black).
  6. ostewart
  7. BillsonChang007
    Heya from Malaysia! Bought it off a China supplier on Ebay will update you with the link to it ASAP but all together I think I paid just a feel dollar cheaper and save the shipping cost from US. It's pricey so best to use a good a quality cable to make sure it's worth the money :wink:
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  8. Allanmarcus
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  9. ostewart
    German Maestro GMP400 fitted with SMC connectors (3.5mm sockets won't fit)

    IMG_20170911_210156-01.jpeg IMG_20170911_210330-01.jpeg
  10. ostewart
    1.2m MMCX cable made with Toxic Cables silver plated copper :)

  11. WayTooCrazy
    @ostewart LOVE IT! I love me some Toxic Cables! I used Viper for my Audeze Sine Cables, 3.5mm to RCA and 2.5mm to 2 x 3-XLR cables. My next purchase will be some Black Widow to re-wire a pair of VE Zen 2.0.
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  12. ostewart
    Yeah I use their cable a lot when I can afford it, it so easy to work with and sounds great. When I'm poor (99% of the time) Van Damme miniature starquad suffices.
  13. WayTooCrazy
    Same here with Mogami Mini quad.
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  14. Mellowship
    DAP->Amp cable, with twisted single-core copper cat5 cable, teflon and transparent shrinking and chi-fi faux Senn plugs. What do you think?
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  15. Paladin79
    Good looking cable, appears to be quite well done. For that length cable, even using solid copper cat 5 it should not be under a lot of stress. That twisted pair is usually 24 awg and the twists are pretty exact. (each pair is twisted at a different rate than the other pairs in the bundle.)
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
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