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DIY Cable Gallery!!

  1. Fasterball
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  2. L0rdGwyn
    Made a cable for my new Focal Elears. The included cable is a joke, this one is much better!

    26 AWG silver plated OCC copper wire, sleeved with emerald green 95 paracord, Rhodium plated 3.5mm Oyaide connectors, Rhodium plated 1/4 inch Oyaide plug, Eidolic E-SX2 y-splitter.

    Really happy with how it turned out. $80 for parts. IMO, aftermarket cables are the biggest scam. This is high quality at the fraction of the cost of these multi-hundred dollar unobtainium cables I see advertised.


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  3. Moses4188
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  4. Fasterball
    Hey guys I made cables for my he-400is: https://imgur.com/a/bVWCb <-- check it out. I used connectors from plussound. I used 22 awg silver plated copper. I used a mini XLR connector from Redco audio as a splitter for the most part, but also if something is off with one of my connections hopefully I can isolate the problem and just fix that half. I'm really happy with the sound.
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  5. Moses4188
    Nice and clean work, but why a blue cable with white shrink tubes for those headphones? :beyersmile:
  6. Fasterball
    It matches the cabling of my pc's power supply and my desk chair - I have a problem.
  7. dhaninugraha
    Another Mogami-paracord cable job, this time for my IM50:

  8. demevalos
    Not nearly as nice or fancy as most things in here, but I made my first basic 3.5 to 3.5 out of some starquad[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sloppy, and I couldn't fit paracord over it because it's too thick, but it's mine :)

    Thanks to Paladin79 for the cables!!
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  9. Fasterball
    Quick DIY question - If I have a mono plug but would like to have 3 wires coming from it, am I okay to solder two wires to the ground and one to the tip or would it be better to do two to tip and one to ground or does it make a difference?
  10. Mellowship
    So... you want to do a three wire braid with a mono connection...

    Well, depending on the lenght and the kind of wire you will be using, and the intended use, I guess you will be alright either way. But if you could be more specific it would be apreciated.

    For instance, if it is for a headphone cable with more or less 1.5 to 2 meters, and if the braiding is kept uniform, I think you can connect one wire to the ground and the other to the hot connection, and leave the third wire disconnected, just for the sake of helping build up the braid. Or you can connect two wires to the ground, because in most applications, the ground is shared with much more than the wires it uses to return current, so it would make the least difference.
  11. hyewiz
    Hello, I need your expert knowledge, I have ATH-ANC23 and like to extend the wire from the driver to the Noise-Cancelling box about 10"
    did any of you tried something like this on ATH-ANC23. Or is it doable what's the best way to go around doing this.

    Please help needed.

    Thank you
  12. Fasterball
    Yes 3 wire braid from a mono connection - it's for the hifiman he-400i so it's 2.5mm (in my case mono connectors) to the ears and terminated in a 3.5mm connection. I have not been able to do the twist with 2 cables satisfactorily to where I could just leave it alone so I thought maybe I would be happier with a braid of 3 cables from each mono connector. If I twist the 2 wires going to ground and tin them together would I lose anything in terms of sound quality?
  13. Mellowship
    Braided or twisted wires, depending on the dielectric, tend to be slightly more capacitive than coaxial, but with the kind of current going through them it won't make a difference. The nature of the conductor itself (copper, single/multi core, silverplated, etc) and the lenght should exert more influence in the sound. And having a 3 wire braid with one wire connected with the hot and two with the ground will be the best compromise. At least, better than two connected in the hot and one in the ground. So I think your solution is the best compromise and won't degrade conductivity or change sound quality.
    If you had two wires connected to the hot and one to the ground in a twist, theoretically wou could have two conductors crossing each other in multiple spots, with a very slight phase angle between both electromagnetic fields of the same electical signals... If this affects sound quality, I can't tell, but frankly I don't believe it. But assuming it does, I still don't believe it to be audible. And even if it is, it could be a bad design and sound better - this is sometimes the principle of snakeoil cable business, making bad designs that sound different than standard good quality cables. And because it sounds differently, the buyer assumes it is a better cable.
    So, if the soldering is well made, if the conductive materials you choose are proper and if the source is fit for the purpose, I think you can't go wrong with either solution presented, and you can even test all of them to see if you notice any diffeence in sound.
    But, resuming,the best solution is "less cable is the best cable". But if you can't go with a twist, use a braid of 3, and solder only the cables you need to the jack. And if you want to solder the 3 wires, use two on the ground and one on the hot. And if you want to try if there is any diffeence on the sound, try all solutions and decide for yourself! :wink:
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  14. Oscar-HiFi
    Posted a tutorial a long time ago showing how to twist cables (I look like an idiot in the video haha :D)

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  15. Mellowship
    That's a great way to do it! It avoids putting tension on the dielectric, which would tangle the cable. Most people think: "oh it's just twisting the goddamm wires...", but even for such a simple procedure, there's a right way!
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