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DIY Cable Gallery!!

  1. MikeJSmith
    00A68A88-62F1-4AF7-8AA4-4B6E6A12D3AF.jpeg Hey, my first attempt at using paracord. Using some super cheap 26awg wire and Sennheiser plugs I got from eBay and adapted to use in my Fostex TH900.

    I used a dremel and a sanding drum thing to shave off enough of the connector to get it to fit.

    The splitter was a cheapie from eBay. Had to dremel that too, wasn’t the neatest of jobs but it works and looks good until you’re right up close.

    Braiding was ok but still a bit inconsistent, may get one of those braiding discs.
  2. Paladin79
    Very nice and Dremel tools can certainly come in handy. That series Fostex is something I hope to own one day.
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  3. Allanmarcus
    It looks great! I hadn't thought to use the dremel to sand down the connector the Th900. I just used a knife, and that did not turn out professional. I will try the dremel.

    The braiding looks great.
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  4. WayTooCrazy
    Hahahaha... I guess that makes 2 of us.
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  5. Paladin79
    IMG_2179.JPG Here is my take on aesthetics, I try to make cables match up to particular amps. This is a Canare RCA connector (sans strain relief) with silver plated coaxial cable, all copper in said cable is ofc, control knobs off of Fender guitars.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
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  6. MikeJSmith

    The dremel works a charm, but just be careful, it’s a bit like the proverbial knife vs butter!
  7. Paladin79
    Not everyone has the ability to think through problems and find a solution so it is always great to see that in others. To me it is an important part of being a DIYer. When I hire people I am fortunate if one in ten has that ability. IMG_1942.JPG Here is another example of my trying to match cables up with a particular look on another amp I built.
  8. Allanmarcus
    You know, that that I recall, I tried a dremel on some cheap tips and failed miserably. I gave up with the dremel and went with he knife. Any advice on the dremel? What speed? What tip?
  9. MikeJSmith
    Nice! It must be very satisfying to put something like that together. I am considering a DIY amp next, but at a much lower level than yours. Probably a CMOY amp.
  10. Letmebefrank
    Tom's Bottlehead Crack amps inspired me to build one. They sound incredible as well.
  11. MikeJSmith
  12. Paladin79
    I do have two sets of copper plates laying around and just hired a lady whose husband owns a CNC machine. If you want to go dual Alps pot and VU meters I will help you out.

    I only use Dremel brand tools, use a low speed for plastics, I may try to take a photo of some cutting bits I prefer later on if I get a chance.

    OOPs I was typing as you were Mike. The first response was for Frank.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
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  13. MikeJSmith
    No worries!
  14. Paladin79
    IMG_1679.JPG Trust me you do not want these copper plates anyway lol. They are designed to have an amp built around them and it is a lot of work. They will not fit a standard Bottlehead Crack, you have to start with a larger cabinet design. This is off topic so getting back to diy cables, I always found it so much easier to use two colors in a four or eight wire braid just so it was easier to see errors and as a way to keep the braiding consistent.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
  15. lurk
    Hi, may I know where did u buy the hirose connectors from (aside from mr speakers) shipping to Asia is a PITA expensive!

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