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DIY Cable Gallery!!

  1. GREQ
    Just something cheap and cheerful for my dual-entry modified CAL!
    Red heat-shrink around the right plug groove/indentation was a little stroke of genius :p
  2. Guerito
    SMC connectors finally arrived from ebay so I finished my first two cables.The quality of the cables, like the quality of the photos, isn't exactly up to the standard of GREQ's one above but I'm happy enough for a first go. Just need to pick up a tiny phillips head screwdriver now to finish the detachable cable mod on my purplehearts.

    Cable 1: Burgundy 1.jpg Burgundy 2.jpg 3.5mm Amphenol to SMC cable, 24 AWG Van Damme wire sleeved in paracord. Not too happy with the source end, I need to find a way to keep the paracord from sliding up the wire so much that I need to put on half a yard of heat shrink. Lost some of the twist on one of the connector ends above the split too. Maybe elastic bands would work.

    Cable 2:
    Clear 2.jpg Clear 1.jpg
    Oyaide right angle 3.5mm to SMC. Stripped clear Mogami 2820 24 AWG wire (not as flexible as the Van Damme, surprisingly). Forgot to put the heatshrink on the SMC end before soldering the connectors so had to use thicker stuff that would go over the connector end.
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  3. ostewart
    My attempt at making a mini 2.5mm balanced to 3.5mm single ended adaptor:

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  4. WayTooCrazy
    @ostewart Great job on the adapter. What 2.5mm female did you use? Are the connectors tight? I typically use Kobiconn, it they're a bit big and ugly with the grey surround. Though, they do grip firmly.
  5. ostewart
  6. lurk
    just started my foray into DIY cable, kinda sad tht most of the photos in the earlier posts were on hosted photobucket
  7. Allanmarcus
    well, I made anther one. Wy wife says if I keep trying, I'll earn the merit badge soon!

    This one is may from cheap eBay cable:
    10M Red 0.2mm² HI-FI Aucharm PTFE 4N Copper Silver Plated (~24AWG) Cable Audio $11
    10M White 0.2mm² HI-FI Aucharm PTFE 4N Copper Silver Plated (~24AWG) Wire Audio $11
    Wire is only 7 strand, so pretty stiff.

    Braid is 8 wires, kumihimo breaded until the split, then hand braided.
    2.5mm mono connectors are switchcraft 880 $8
    6.5mm is a Canare F-16 1/4in TRS Phone Plug $5

    Total: $35

    I will try it tomorrow on my PMx2, which is at work. I doubt I will hear any difference between this wire and Mogami, but I wanted to try.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
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  8. WayTooCrazy
    @Allanmarcus very nice tight braid on that one. Those Switchcraft 1/4" plugs can be used as weapons.
  9. Oscar-HiFi
    How flexible is that wire?
  10. Allanmarcus
    like I said "Wire is only 7 strand, so pretty stiff." it's usable, but not great. I hand braided the Y to the tip to allow for a little more flexibility in those last sections of wire, and hopefully less cable noise.
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  11. Paladin79
    The 1/4" connector looks like a Canare to me but maybe Switchcraft makes something similar. I like a strand count of around 30 or more personally but it is not always easy to find. 7 strand is often used for hookup wire, and flexible it is not but that is probably Yoda speak.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
  12. WayTooCrazy
    @Paladin79 You're probably right. I was given a few, and was told they purchased Switchcraft... so I went on that assumption. Mark up another for "fact checking" before posting. O'well.
  13. Paladin79
    I have been wrong before and may well be wrong now, no biggy either way. I get similar connectors from Calrad and without seeing a brand name it is hard to tell sometimes.
  14. Allanmarcus
    Guys, it's a Canare! I posted the specs above the pic.

    Well, turns out the 2.5mm plugs don't work with the PMx2, so I cannot test the cable :frowning2:

    I might just re-turnimate it balanced and sell it to a Monoprice M1060 users.
  15. Paladin79
    I rarely read specs but I usually like the bright colors in photos.:smile_phones:

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