DIY Cable Gallery!!

  1. Audiotistic
    Nice, well it looks great regardless
  2. NTK1
    Thanks. It has a thick jacket but its super flexible. Planing on doing a sleeved build with some Cenera L-2T2S.
  3. BigTerminator
    Here is my first headphone cable. I used an Amphenol Jumbo TRS connector and Monoprice 18 AWG OFC speaker wire. I wasn't planning to do bare wire but my practice braid looked so good I decided to do a naked cable first. Next cable I will make will have some braiding and hopefully a Y splitter that can accommodate 18 AWG wire.

    IMG_20170723_155526.jpg IMG_20170723_160605.jpg
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  4. ostewart
    Recabled a pair of SoundMAGIC PL50's with some Van Damme starquad (i'm running out of cable now)

    IMG_20170731_212551-01.jpeg IMG_20170731_212636-01.jpeg
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  5. Rammoshe
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  6. Moses4188

    Today's upgrade with ELECAUDIO DF-03 sleeve from Audiophonics. I hope I will never have to dissasembly that cable again...

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  7. NTK1

    New beefy build using spare parts, ebay parts and 22awg speaker wire.
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  8. Asakist
    APC_0270.jpg APC_0275.jpg IMG_4048.JPG

    My first DIY cables.

    HAKUGEI 22AWG 7NOCC gold plated copper.
    HAKUGEI Litz 7NOCC pure copper.

    Gold plated copper cable is the best I've ever heard :)
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  9. NTK1
    Link to the copper wire?
  10. Allanmarcus
    I'm going out on a limb here, but I'd guess this for the copper

    and this for the gold:
    although this is 6N OCC. It looks like the stuff.

    I could be way off though. I like to speculate :)
  11. WayTooCrazy
    Just put a cable together today as well.
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  12. Asakist
  13. PinkyPowers
    Does anyone know if that brand is trust-worthy in it's OCC quality? I'm interested in picking some up if they are.
  14. kwatch
    Did you use a glue to stabilize the Y splitter?
  15. Allanmarcus
    I did. I was worried about the splitter rubbing through the wire islulation.
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