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  1. Fasterball
    Dude! This is you? Ha ha - that's so awesome! I was going to do the 3 wire from a mono connector but then I found this video and decided to do it right. I'll post pics soon, but this video helped a ton. So simple but all I had seen was people twisting wire with a drill and this put such a bind on the wires and I couldnt make it look right, but with your method in this video it was easier. Thanks for this!
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  2. demevalos
    Xcjvkim.jpg 0GA55vo.jpg

    Made a cable that I'm very happy about! Just a basic 3.5 to 3.5, sleeved in 550 paracord. Mogami w2893 4 strands core (only using 3 wires obviously), and some Pailiccs jacks from aliexpress (they were only $6 shipped, can't complain about that!)
  3. Fasterball
    I just made these cables using the twist method recommended by Oscar-HiFi: These were fun to make!
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  4. Oscar-HiFi
    Me a long time ago :D

    This is me now.... (with my other half)

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  5. Fasterball
    What do you guys use for splitters when making headphone cables? do you just use heat shrink? If not and you use pants boot type y splitter where do you get it?
  6. windcar
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  7. Fasterball
    That is beautiful! Nice work!
  8. Fasterball
  9. demevalos
    last post here isnt showing up for me
  10. Hal Rockwell
    Same here
  11. demevalos

    My first go at a braided cable. 3.5 to 3.5, mogami w2893 in 275 paracord, braided and terminated with Paillics connectors.
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  12. afonsoocosta
  13. demevalos
    Connectors were $6 for 4 on Ali express, paracord was $6 for 50 feet, and the Mogami was 80cents per foot
  14. afonsoocosta
    I want to do a 3.5mm but i dont think i'm cable to do it, and i also want to do a usb, but i really think i dont have the "hands" to do it xD
  15. Fasterball
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