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Dekoni Audio Blue – Now Shipping!

  1. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio is proud to announce the partnership with Fostex Japan in releasing the Dekoni Blue Headphone to the US market. Coming in Dekoni’s Signature Blue color with the Dekoni Livery, the Blue is similar to the T50RP MK III in shape but very different in the way it sounds. Utilizing the Fostex Planar Magnetic Drivers and Body, the addition of the Dekoni Hybrid Ear Pads and other proprietary changes makes this headphone a better version of the original by being smoother all around, less fatiguing, and with an extended bass response.

    Dekoni Audio is known for the unsurpassed ear pads it has developed for an array of HiFI Audiophile headphones, and the development of the Dekoni Blue did not go without the addition of a new ear pad to the line-up. The Dekoni Blue comes with a specially designed Hybrid Ear Pad that has the isolation of Sheepskin on the outside, Velour on the face of the ear pad for comfort, and Dekoni’s Fenestrated Sheepskin on the inside of the ear pad for a smooth transition of sound from speaker to ear. Part of the design of the pad is meant to deal with the issue of the original T50RP driver causing fatigue to the listener after a short period of listening, by reducing the high frequency peak common to this headphone in its stock configuration. Other changes have been made internally to extend the bass response while maintaining a solid low end and tight core sound. Already receiving rave reviews, the Dekoni Blue is launching with an extra set of Dekoni Audio Elite Velour Earpads that utilize the Premium Slow rebound, high density memory foam Dekoni is known for.

    MSRP $299, available in the USA and Japan from our authorized dealers or direct from dekoniaudio.com. Use coupon code “BLUE” at checkout for a $50 instant rebate!

    Check out some of the reviews and become an early reviewer yourself!

    EDIT: Frequency response graph and a description of how the headphone sounds, plus some discussion for the community: A Short Essay on the Dekoni Blue, and Why It Exists

    Head-Fi Review threads!


    Audio 46 Review

    E9A03CDE-92C6-411E-83E0-5349A5086876.jpeg IMG_1093.JPG

    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
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  2. heliosphann
    Heard a lot of t50rp mod/variations over the years. Looking forward to checking these out.

    Is there going to be a review tour possibly?
  3. caenlenfromOCN
    considering the Fostex T60RP just came out and has mahgony hand made earcups for the same price and is fostexs variant of the t50 mk3 mod... and its price is also $299... i would def need to hear both side by side before i decide... leaning towards the t60rp just cause the hand made wood is a true piece of art, its not easy oval wood shape either, not sure how Fostex managed to pull it off at that price actually.
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  4. trellus
    +1, looking forward to hearing impressions / comparisons from people who have access to both.

    EDIT: did you notice that there's a $50 instant rebate available right now for the Dekoni Blue? That gives the Dekoni a price advantage right now, and at least on Amazon, an availability advantage since the T60RP are out of stock on Amazon.
    Last edited: May 14, 2018
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  5. KaiserTK
    Also considering the wait time for the Argon mk3, this might have to satisfy those looking for the newest T50 mods for now.
    I heard these in the main hall at CanJam LA and they were well isolating and very comfortable. Can’t comment much on sound due to my short time with it. :)
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  6. caenlenfromOCN
    What earpads were you using with the Argon MK3? Mine have two weeks left before they are finished and mailed back to me, and I can't decide between ZMF Cowhide and ZMF Protein, I like female vocals, but I do have sensitive ears to treble harshness. So I am just not sure which way to roll.
  7. KaiserTK
    Sorry, I haven’t tried the mk3 (I was talking about the Blue).
    But I heard that the ZMF proteins are bit more comfortable and sounds warmer.
    Obviously, I guess it depends on the person.
  8. caenlenfromOCN
    Zach's website says the Cowhide sound warmer and Protein sound brighter. blasted, I still can't make up my mind
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  9. Pharmaboy
    The same question just came up on the T60RP thread. Here's what I said there:

    I haven't heard the T60RP yet. I own (and love) the ZMF Ori/formerly Omni, described by some as the ultimate T50RP MKII mod (I would agree). Anyway, the pads to get for this IMO would be the ZMF Ori pads. Yes, they're expensive--they're also the best angled pads I've ever used.

    A physically very similiar pad (steeply angled, very comfy) is the Brainwavz angled sheepskins:

    If I didn't know about the Ori pads, I would label these the best angled pads around...differences are really small.

    With the T50RPs, thick/angled pads are key to getting the best bass. I suspect it will work about the same w/the T60RPs.

    I also own the ZMF cowhides (same shape/size as Ori pads, but cowhide vs lambskin). I used them for a time on my Ori, but their relative stiffness made it harder to get a seal going w/the headphones on my face. I'm told the cowhides eventually soften up & break in, but I put the Ori pads back on and never looked back.
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  10. DekoniAudio
    The best T50RP pads (in our opinion, after lots of tweaking and backed up by most of the T50RP modding community) help to ease the abrupt treble peak of the stock driver and create a more refined sound without veiling that fantastic planar impact.

    In general, protein leathers breathe less and create more sound reflections, while sheepskin causes less sweat buildup, and also is thinner and more pliable for less heat retention, better seal against the face (to @Pharmaboy ’s point) and general increased comfort. This was the reason for our choice of Sheepskin in our Dekoni Elite (best) pads. But we didn’t just slap some sheepskin on top of some foam and call it the best thing since a chicken cheesesteak (We’re based out of NJ).

    The Blue features our designed-for-T50RP Elite Hybrid pads, with a sheepskin outer ring for a good seal, drilled holes in the sheepskin (Fenestrated Sheepskin) for the inner ring of the pads to absorb some treble reflections and help the headphone “breathe” more, and then the flat surface that makes contact with the face is our supremely comfortable, tight weave velour. The core isn’t run of the mill foam either, but high density, slow rebound memory foam.

    Did we say basically as much in the announcement? Sure, but we’re proud of our attention to detail. Keep in mind that the Dekoni Blue has our pads, but also internal modifications to extend the bass and create a smoother sound.

    THANK YOU for pointing out the instant rebate “coupon” code, we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out!

    Also, did you notice that the Blue also includes a second pair of pads, in the Elite Velour? Of course it’s always nice to have a spare or switch out if you feel like one is getting warm (pad swaps on the Blue are quick and easy), but it also provides a small variety in sound, and a taste of what we do with pads all the time. Have fun!
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
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  11. trellus
    Thanks @DekoniAudio -- in fact, I had completely missed that it ships with a second pair of pads -- holy cow, that's even better! I think I would like the Hybrid ear pad better, but it's great to have a second option in the box, especially with the $50 instant rebate.
  12. bowei006 Contributor

    Have a set on my desk right now. Extremely comfortable and clamping is fairly light (yay glasses). I only wish it had a more shorter cable terminated in 3.5mm. It comes with a "studio length" cable in 1/4". Fostex sells official cables that use the same latch that are for portable usage though so I'll be picking up one of those.

    I enjoyed them a lot more than the T50RP MK3s. Fuller sound with a much needed bass bump (at the cost of some losses in the mids) and a warmer signature with a decrease in mid to upper mid brightness allowing for longer listening sessions.

    The full actual review will be out on Headphone.Guru.

    P.S: You'll probably fall asleep with these on and wake up with hair divided like the Mariana Trench. :floatsmile: Not like I know from experience or anything......

    Only caveat on the "swagger" is that I wish the headband had the Dekoni words rightside up when you hang them around your neck. The Blue's are the same as the regular Fostex T50RP where even with those, when you hung the T50RP around your neck, "FOSTEX" would be written upside down.
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
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  13. jonman1
    Do not get the cowhide pads, they add way to much bass to the point its sloppy and muddy. A little air from the protein pads really control and tighten up the bass.
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  14. bowei006 Contributor
    Are Vegan or Dairy-Free pads an option?

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  15. silverfishla
    I have a set of the Dekoni Blue's and I can say that they are an improvement on the original T50RP MKIII. More and better bass, and my goodness, two great sets of Dekoni pads. The angled Elite pads provide a smooth presentation with lots of low down bass and (surpisingly) the velours give you a more mid forward and very balanced (across the range) sound while still retaining a very nice bass and soundstage. With the $50 rebate, it's actually a great deal. I think the Elites and velours are usually over $100 (together) plus you get the mods. Very nice. I'll be making a full review of them soon...
    And...I really like the color. They make me feel...different. :)
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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