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  1. squadgazzz

    Darkest planar magnetic headphones?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for the darkest planar headphones. Today I use Campfire Cascade which has huge bass and great details at the same time. But Cascade has a very annoying tube effect. I've tried to compare them with Audeze LCD-2 Closed and I really liked LCD's bass response which doesn't...
  2. HIFIMAN HE400se

    HIFIMAN HE400se

  3. phillyd

    Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Noire Discussion/Impressions Thread

    There's no general thread for Aeons/Aeon 2's that I could find, so I figured these should get their own thread. Please let me know if I somehow missed the thread Starting off with a picture, I'll post my impressions soon.
  4. RockStar2005

    Closed-Back Planar Magnetic vs. Open-Back Dynamic Headphones: Which One Wins Out?!

    What do you guys think about this topic? We know that the general consensus is that planar magnetic headphones are considered superior to dynamic headphones, but what about when you have a CLOSED-back planar magnetic vs. OPEN-back dynamic headphones?! Planars are generally open-back, but now...
  5. Plunge Audio Signature Series CIEM

    Plunge Audio Signature Series CIEM

    "The ultimate boutique experience. The Plunge Audio Signature Series gives you access to technology, material, and innovations that no other model can provide. You’ll have unlimited access to the Plunge Audio team to create the most unique, tailored pair of IEMs, down to your every...
  6. PEAK Audio Origin

    PEAK Audio Origin

    Aaron, founder of PEAK Audio chose planar-magnetic drivers to power the Origin for the following reasons: Lower distortion. The signal can be delivered by Origin in the cleanest manner without any distortion. Stable and great extension in high frequencies, which helps to improve the overall...
  7. MoonAudio

    PRE-ORDER: Audeze Euclid Planar Magnetic Closed-Back In Ear

    PRE-ORDER TODAY Audeze Euclid Planar Magnetic Closed-Back In Ear $1,299.00 USD Expected February 25, 2021 Pre-Order Here Planar Magnetic, Closed-Back, In-ear, Precision-milled Aluminum. Our new Euclid combines all...
  8. Audeze

    Audeze Euclid Closed-Back Planar IEM

    Audeze is proud to announce Euclid, our first closed-back planar magnetic in-ear. Engineered with Audeze's award-winning patented technology inside a precision-milled aluminum housing, Euclid delivers heightened detail retrieval and sonic accuracy with a soundstage and dynamic range so robust...
  9. G

    Amp Recommendation for HE5XX

    Hi everyone. I just received my first planar magnetic headphones Drop Hifiman HE5XX. Can you recommend amps that aren't too expensive that will give good sound that will work with all the following devices: Desktop and Laptop PC's, iPads with lightning and USB-C, and Samsung phone also with...
  10. littlej0e

    Sennheiser HD820 Planar Magnetic Equivalent?!?

    Howdy! Does anyone know if there is a closed-back planar magnetic equivalent of the Sennheiser HD820? I'm specifically looking for a similarly wide soundstage and equally great imaging. The HD820s sound great (to my ears at least), but I'm wondering if I could get a bit more clarity/separation...
  11. MCCare

    What planar headphones would be an upgrade over DT1990?

    Hello guys, for a while now i am wanting to buy a nice set of planar headphones - something that is an obvious upgrade over my DT1990's. They will be used mainly for music and gaming (All sorts of music, from blues, rap/hiphop, rock/metal, trance etc..). What would you guys suggest? I prefer...
  12. nothing4me

    *SOLD*: Hifiman Edition X V2 (HEXv2) with OEM replacement parts. Free shipping + no PP fees.

    SOLD Comes with OEM replacement parts including two extra headbands sets + clips + screws. Good condition but some of the paint is flaking off. Honestly, it looks better in silver. Comes with all original accessories and box. No trades. Paypal. FREE SHIPPING + NO PAYPAL FEES! :L3000: Pictures...
  13. gzbaga

    SOLD Audeze Sine DX Open Back Planars (Australia)

    Up for grab is the Audeze Sine DX open back limited edition. Bought these new in May 2020 from Addicted to Audio. Condition is perfect LNIB, all assesories included. Very likely a regrettable sale. Pads in the picture are upgraded Brainwavz angled pads, original pads also included in the box...
  14. Dan Clark Audio AEON Flow RT Closed

    Dan Clark Audio AEON Flow RT Closed

    ÆON Flow RT, Closed is Dan Clark Audio's retuning of our classic award-winning AEON Flow headphone, delivering more bass for a more fun and lively listening experience. ÆONFlow RT is an all-metal yet ultralight design, for optimum sound quality, incredible reliability and a comfortable...
  15. dbkwall

    FS: Dan Clark Audio (MrSpeakers) Ether 2 w/ 1/4" Vivo Cable + accessories

    Includes: Dan Clark Audio (Mr.Speakers) Ether 2 Flagship Planar Magnetic Headphones 1/4" Vivo Cable Hard Sided Carry Case Certificate of Authenticity Original Box. All items are in excellent condition. Small indentation on earcup can be seen in photos. Paypal fees included. Buyer pays for...
  16. gzbaga

    WTB: Audeze LCD2, Monolith 1060 (expired)

    EDIT: got 'em!
  17. canoman

    SOLD: OPPO PM-2 Planar Magnetic

    Selling my beloved OPPO PM2, need to finance some other needs. Excellent condition inside and outside. Comes with case Feel free to ask questions
  18. generick

    WTS : Mrspeakers Aeon Flow Open with extra Aeon 2 pads

    Very versatile planar magnetic headphone, popular with the likes of tyll from innerfidelity. These have a warm and inviting sound with probably the best build and comfort in its price point. Extra aeon 2 pads included, these seem to improve dynamics and bring back a bit more upper mid/top end...
  19. rebbi

    [SOLD!] Sendy Aiva planar magnetic headphones, priced to sell.

    Hi, I’m selling a pair of beautiful Sendy Aiva planar magnetic headphones. I am the second owner and purchased them from an excellent Head-fi’er who clearly babied them. I will very conservatively rate them an 8/10 just because I’m not the original owner. (There were a few places where the...
  20. Gold Planar GL600

    Gold Planar GL600

    66mm Nano-Membrane Planar Magnetic Diaphragm Driver The GL600 was designed as a reference tuning headphone, utilizing Gold Planar’s proprietary Nano-Membrane 66mm planar magnetic diaphragm driver. The internal driver design was modified from the standard drivers other manufacturers use, with the...
  21. AspettiSignore


    Hello all: Today I'm selling my Sundara, which was purchased from bloom audio about 2 months ago. In the end, the sound is too bright for me so I decide to sell it. Asking for USD $300 + 3% Paypal fee, CONUS shipping on me. Headphones are in great, like-new condition.


  23. mkarikom

    [sold] Audeze LCD-2 with 10' Forza Copper Series HPC Mk2 Cable

    All items are original except the upgraded cable. This unit generally in excellent condition, with a few small cosmetic imperfections in the enamel and rings (see last four pics in full gallery, imigur post: A few important features: 1) These have the current 2020...
  24. Viper Necklampy

    (SOLD) Audeze EL-8 Titanium EU

    For sale i have the Audeze El8 Titanium (Closed) defenately few use, but it just got a very faint scratch in back of left cup that is visible under some hard condition like, watching very close or under some light (See photo), but be trusted it is in very nice condition and sounds good; I would...
  25. U2Edge

    SOLD: Flawless Hifiman Ananda open back planar magnetic headphones with add'l 3rd party cable

    I've had these Hifiman Ananda open back planar magnetic headphones for a few months, but only put a handful of hours on them since my wife doesn't like "hearing my music" through open back headphones and since my Fostex TH-X00 are my "go to" headphones for work and home. They are in flawless /...