1. spiritofjerry

    WTB: Modhouse Argon MK2 (Balanced Mod)

    Looking for balanced pair of Modhouse Argon MK2's.
  2. cubed4life

    Selling my Modded Fostex T50RP Mk3

    Selling my modded Fostex T50rp. Mods include removal of 3.5 connector system and sealing where system was, added Mr. Speakers leather comfort strap, Mr. Speakers connectors, Mr. Speakers DUM XLR cable and Dekoni Elite Sheepskin Fostex X00 earpads. Included are the original earpads and Fostex X00...
  3. TonySunshine

    [FS/FT] LFF Paradox Slants

    Hi All up for sale/trade is a pair of legendary LFF Paradox Slants. I am the second owner, low hours for both me and the original owner and the hp are in excellent condition(see pics). Includes hard case, soft bag, and single ended litz cable from impact audio. Asking price includes PP fees...
  4. kevingzw

    Vibro Labs MkII Headphones (Wood-cupped T50rps')

    Hey fellow audiophiles! I recently discovered that Vibro Labs is back after receiving an email from their subscription list. Instead of releasing IEM's' like the Sera or Maya, they are now manufacturing and machining different types of wood-chambers for the Fostex T50rp! You can choose to...
  5. natto lover

    *SOLD*: Argon Mk3 w/ ZMF protein pads

    First owner, selling because their sound signature isn't for me. Probably used for <10 hours since I haven't had much free time. Been sitting on the pictured cloth towel so pads have zero sign of break in. Comes with the headphones, ZMF protein pads, alcantara strap, and the 2 stock cables in...
  6. pr0ggy

    [SOLD]: Dekoni Blue (T50 Mod) [READ DESCRIPTION]

    Original owner, had listed and sold these about a month and a half ago. Buyer claimed a low-freq rattle on one side. I never heard rattle, but I offered money back and the Blue's were returned to me. Decided I would go ahead and list them for sale again as I believe someone with proficiency...
  7. Shroomalistic

    WTB - Fostex T50rp MKIII Driver

    Having issues finding a Fostex T50rp MKIII Driver. If anyone has a broken/damaged pair of MKIII's that they want to sell the driver from I would gladly take it off your hands.
  8. bharris

    (SOLD) Cascadia Audio Talos - T50RP mod

    Cascadia Audio Talos in very good condition with V-Moda cable and both original cables. Very comfortable with deerskin headband and HM5 Hybrid pads. $OLD shipping/fees included If you're not familiar... https://headfonics.com/2016/08/the-talos-by-cascadia-audio/ (pics in the morning)
  9. blomquist

    Comparison... K702vsT50RPvsK400vsK217MkIIvsMiProHDvs...

    Hi, I haven't posted here for a while. Nevertheless I've quite a bit of Headphone history :wink: I'll just post a my own ranking of some Headphones that I've aquired over the years (you guess - I'm Austrian..) AKG K207 - Sadly, not made in Austria -had one of the drivers failing +got free...
  10. dunkyboy

    MrSpeakers Alpha Prime

    IMO the pinnacle of MrSpeakers' designs - better than the Aeons, and one of the best closed-back cans period. Extremely neutral, transparent, clean-sounding, but with tons of tone, texture, and dynamic kick. Will scale up to TOTL amps, but doesn't need tons of power to shine - I found the...
  11. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio Blue – Now Shipping!

    Dekoni Audio is proud to announce the partnership with Fostex Japan in releasing the Dekoni Blue Headphone to the US market. Coming in Dekoni’s Signature Blue color with the Dekoni Livery, the Blue is similar to the T50RP MK III in shape but very different in the way it sounds. Utilizing the...
  12. Dekoni Blue

    Dekoni Blue

    Dekoni Audio is proud to announce the partnership with Fostex Japan in releasing the Dekoni Blue Headphone to the US market. Coming in Dekoni’s Signature Blue color with the Dekoni Livery, the Blue is similar to the T50RP MK III in shape but very different in the way it sounds. Utilizing the...
  13. K1030

    [SOLD] Mayflower T50RP MK3 V1

    Rarely used. Modifications done by Mayflower Electronics. Comes with Mr. Speakers leather head strap, 4ft 3.5mm cable, 10ft 6.35mm cable, and 6ft 6.35mm carbon fiber canare star quad cable. Comes with original T50RP MK3 box.
  14. bowei006

    Dekoni Audio Blue Review: Official Fostex T50-RP headphones

    Hello all, I wanted to make a thread about a new set of headphones from Dekoni Audio that I came to enjoy. https://dekoniaudio.com/product/dekoni-audio-blue-fostex-dekoni-collaboration-audiophile-planar-magnetic-headphone/ It seems Fostex officially collaborated with Dekoni, a company known...
  15. bassvirtuoso

    [SOLD]: Massdrop Fostex T-X0 with bonus cable

    Up for sale is my two month old Fostex T-X0; I am the original owner - I'm not using these as much as I thought I might and need the cash for family Xmas presents. These come with everything Massdrop shipped them with as well as a bonus V-Moda cable. Price: $160 shipped to the CONUS, shipping...
  16. AlterAnthony

    [SOLD] LFF (Enigmatic Audio) Paradox

    I'm looking to sell my Enigmatic Audio (aka LFF) Paradox headphones. Bought in March 2016 from @nicolasmasset (original For Sale thread), I've babied the headphones and they are in mint condition. The Paradox is a T50RP mod, with a balanced sound and excellent tonality. I consider them to be...
  17. AlterAnthony

    [SOLD] ZMF Ori (Omni) Black Limba

    I'm looking to sell my ZMF Headphones Ori in Black Limba wood. Bought in March 2016 directly from Zach, the headphones have been taken very good care of and are in excellent condition. I will include the following: ZMF Ori in Black Limba with Pilot Pad 5.5 ft 1/4" stock ZMF cable Three pairs...
  18. jurumal

    FS: Many Headphones featuring the Focal Elear

    I have the majority of my beloved collection on here for sale. Unfortunately for me, the lack of money has caught up to me. Fortunately, I have some deals for you guys that are interested. Focal Elear --- $700. Comes with the stock anaconda of a cable (3m OFC) and NEOMUSICIA 1.5m cable ($17...
  19. hoteltech

    Audio Technica AD1000X, Fostex T50RP, Philips Fidelio S2

    Hi everyone, Here is an imgur album! AD1000X: Second owner, in great condition. It comes with the original box and a 1/4" adapter. $170 Fostex T50RP: First owner, barely used. Comes with Brainwavz Hybrid pads and original packaging, pads, and cables. $110 Philips Fidelio S2: First owner...
  20. ryant

    No longer for sale Fostex T50rp Modded

    No longer for sale.