Closed-Back, Planar Magnetic Headphone with custom Dekoni Earpads and internal modifications

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    Dekoni Audio is proud to announce the partnership with Fostex Japan in releasing the Dekoni Blue Headphone to the US market. Coming in Dekoni’s Signature Blue color with the Dekoni Livery, the Blue is similar to the T50RP MK III in shape but very different in the way it sounds. Utilizing the Fostex Planar Magnetic Drivers and Body, the addition of the Dekoni Hybrid Ear Pads and other proprietary changes makes this headphone a better version of the original by being less fatiguing and smoother all around with an extended bass response.

    Dekoni Audio is known for the unsurpassed ear pads it has developed for an array of HiFI Audiophile headphones, and the development of the Dekoni Blue did not go without the addition of a new ear pad to the line-up. The Dekoni Blue comes with a specially designed Hybrid Ear Pad that has the isolation of Sheepskin on the outside, Velour on the face of the ear pad for comfort, and Dekoni’s Fenestrated Sheepskin on the inside of the ear pad for a smooth transition of sound from speaker to ear. Part of the design of the pad is meant to deal with the issue of the original T50RP driver causing fatigue to the listener after a short period of listening, by reducing the high frequency peak common to this headphone in its stock configuration. Other changes have been made internally to extend the bass response while maintaining a solid low end and tight core sound. Already receiving rave reviews, the Dekoni Blue is launching with an extra set of Dekoni Audio Elite Velour Earpads that utilize the Premium Slow rebound, high density memory foam Dekoni is known for.

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    Currently, only available for sale in the USA and Japan.


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