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D.C. Area Meet (Sunday, August 30, 2015) - part of CanMania @ Capital Audio Fest (CAF) 2015

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  1. Japheel
    now I want one to feed a speaker amp. S**t
  2. Law87
    hey guys, I am in town till saturday, I did bring my Cypher labs theorem 720 a long. if you guys are interested in purchasing or just listening let me know, we can set something up this friday. I also bought along my Chord Hugo and Alpha Prime.
  3. gandhisfist
    Truly, this is the way of Head-Fi.
  4. gandhisfist
    Whereabouts are you staying, and where would you propose to meet up? I'd be interested in checking out the alpha primes.
  5. Law87
    I'm currently staying in a hotel in Anne Rundel (next to live casino). I'm not sure where we can meet, its not like a car show where we can meet out in the open.
  6. sheldaze
    Would be kinda nice to have an informal meet. I could be there by 7:30pm. I had once thought of buying the Alpha Prime - would be nice to hear how far the T50RP scales. Does the hotel have any kind of a conference area?
  7. Law87
    they do, I'm not sure if it cost money though. Its the fairfield inn and suites
  8. JimJ
    This is on my list for next year. I'll be in McLean this Saturday, next year I have to time my running schedule differently [​IMG]
  9. gandhisfist
    Hey guys have a few new updates on the meet for the 31st:
    1. The meet will be held in the Plaza III ballroom
    2. The meet is set for 10AM to 4PM
    I've spoken to Gary and he's agreed to give head-fiers coming to the meet a special discounted rate for the show for the day.  When you buy tickets for the show, use the promo code "Amar sent me" (that's me) to get your ticket for only $10.  
    Anyone that is going to be in the area early that would like to come help me organize tables and chairs is more than welcome, I am planning to be there by about 9AM to coordinate the room and make sure we have everything ready.  Let me know if you have any other questions about the meet, looking forward to seeing you all there.
  10. sheldaze
    Looking forward to this!
    I will try to be there from 9am to noon, so I plan to help out!
  11. gandhisfist
    Awesome.  I want to check out your HE-400S as well.
  12. Japheel
    Where is the option to use the promo code? I will be there early to help out as well [​IMG]
  13. gandhisfist
    No option on the site.  Have to purchase tickets at the booth in the morning and give them that phrase for the discount.
  14. Japheel
    Ahh, thanks.
  15. jp11801 Contributor
    do you mean Monday the 31st or Sunday the 30th?? 
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