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D.C. Area Meet (Sunday, August 30, 2015) - part of CanMania @ Capital Audio Fest (CAF) 2015

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  1. gandhisfist
    Oops, thanks for catching that, definitely Sunday the 30th.
  2. jp11801 Contributor
    thanks that is what I assumed 
  3. sixly
    Hey, I'm over in Montgomery County and never really knew about these things,  I'd totally love to attend, can someone fill me in on what goes on etc?  I'd really appreciate it a lot.
    Thanks, Matthew
  4. gandhisfist
    Mostly its just a casual meet up where people bring some gear of their own and we talk about headphones and music.  Its great if you're in the market for new headphones because you'll get to try out a good selection of stuff, and you can bring your own stuff to compare what you already have.  Usually good to bring your own music too just so you have a way to see what music you're familiar with sounds like on different systems compared to what you're used to also.
  5. sixly
    That's really cool.  I am looking to acquire a pair of HD 600s so that's cool too.  Where do you guys meet?
  6. gandhisfist
    It'll be at the Hilton in Rockville: 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852
    The head-fi meet is scheduled to be in the Plaza 3 ballroom on Sunday the 30th from 10AM to 4PM.  the normal entrance fee to the show for the day is $20, but if you mention the phrase "Amar sent me" at the ticket booth, you can get a ticket for $10.
  7. sixly
    That's awesome, I'm from Takoma Park so I can just hop on the beltway.  Like the secret code.  Do most people bring a bit of cash for purchases?
  8. gandhisfist
    You can, but I don't know whether or not people will have gear there for sale.  People do sometimes bring gear that is for sale though.
  9. sixly
    Probably better not to, prevents impulse buys.  I'm looking forward to this, audio is my obsession.  Is there a thread just for DMV people to post in?  Or do you just post events?
  10. Barry S
    I've asked Dr. Cavalli if we can get a Liquid Carbon for the meet. I'll update here if that's gonna happen. I'm also going to ask Schiit if we can demo some of the new Schiit--unlikely since we don't get any east coast love, but WTH--it doesn;t hurt to ask.
  11. gandhisfist
    Either would be great.  I'm interested in some of those solid state tube replacements for my Lyr 2.
  12. sheldaze
    Did you already order the LISST [​IMG] 
    Seems I came in too low on Valhalla and Bifrost. Upgrade decisions to be made [​IMG] 
  13. kayan
    I don't know if it is possible or not, as I've never been to a meet before, but maybe we could make a list of gear people are bringing, especially for those of us who are far away and such. Is that doable?
  14. sheldaze
    I had hoped to bring more interesting goodies, and I am still holding out hope.
    As of today:
    1. iPhone6+ w/ Tidal playback through HRT microStreamer
    2. Pono
    3. HiFiMan HE-400S
    4. NAD VISO HP50
    I'm really looking forward to hearing the Yggdrasil, unless I pick up a Multibit in the next two weeks [​IMG] 
  15. gandhisfist
    I'll be bringing my full gear list:
    Hifiman HE-560, HE-400i and HE-500
    AKG K712, K7XX and K553
    Oppo PM-1
    Audeze EL-8C
    Audio-GD NFB-15
    Audio-GD NFB-10.33
    Schiit Lyr 2 / Uber Bifrost USB Gen 2
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