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D.C. Area Meet (Sunday, August 30, 2015) - part of CanMania @ Capital Audio Fest (CAF) 2015

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  1. gandhisfist
     Yes, I ordered the LISST today, though I've heard it actually ups the noise floor compared to normal tubes.  I am hoping they bring multibit to bifrost soon.  The whole point of bifrost was to be upgradeable, so I don't see why they wouldn't unless they absolutely couldn't.
  2. bigman18
    My list is :
    Audeze 3 Phazor
    Sennheiser hd 800 "if they don't sell first"
    Dark Voice 336 se with different tubes to roll
    Apex Peak Volcano Also with tubes to roll
    A&K 240 loaded
    IBasso Dx-100 Loaded with music (for Sale)
    Chord Cordette
    2 Ray Samuels designs one with d/a
    several headphone ,Interconnects and power  cables 
  3. kayan
    If I get to come, which as of now I can, however it will depend on how my wife is feeling that day (7ish months preggz), but my list is:
    - Sony Z7
    - Zune HD (if I can't sell it first)
  4. Barry S
    Heard back from Schiit about loaners for the meet--no Schiit for you! No response at all from Cavalli. I think I'll try Mr. speakers and see if we can get turned down for an Ether and Ether Carbon. :cool:
  5. kayan

    That's kinda schiity, but Thanks for trying :)
  6. Billheiser
    Count me in to attend but I won't bring gear this time - except I'll carry my new Schiit Fulla in a shirt pocket if anyone wants to hear it on their laptop.
  7. gandhisfist

    If no one else brings a HD600, I'd appreciate it if you could bring one.
  8. smitty1110

    Ooh, that should be nice to hear. I've been using the headphone jack on my work laptop, and it's a bit underwhelming. If the fulla sounds good out of my Surface pro, it should sound good out of just about anything.
  9. sheldaze
    I have a pile of Schiit that is soon bound for eBay "heaven". The Fulla is in this pile, and I can certainly keep it away from eBay for 2-weeks. I normally have no intention of buying or selling anything at any of these meets - I'm here strictly to listen and participate in the real, live, human part of the headphone community. But I still thought it makes sense that I should mention it.
  10. ScottFW
    The Fulla uses the same AKM4396 DAC as my Audioengine D1 for which I paid about $120 (lightly used) almost 2 years ago. The two use different opamps in the output stage and the D1 also has an optical input, but on paper they look roughly similar as USB DAC/amps. The Fulla costs a good bit less and either should crush your laptop's headphone jack. I use the D1 with my work laptop because it's true plug & play without needing any special drivers (unlike my iFi iDSD Nano), which I wouldn't be allowed to install without submitting a ticket and/or phoning the help desk in India. I'm not in the market for a Fulla but I might be interested in hearing one just for S&Gs.
    For the meet I will bring at least the following:
    iFi iDSD Nano
    Bottlehead Crack
    AKG K553
    "Probably" the Audioengine D1 if I remember to bring it home from work
  11. BigTerminator
    Is anyone bringing the Phillips X2's? Would like to compare as many sub $500 headphones to my DT990 Premium 600ohms. I won't be setting up anything though. Plus I will try to visit the speakers, so not fully dedicated as I was at the last head-fi meet. Listening to the LCD 3's should be a treat :)
  12. Billheiser
    No sweat, will bring one.
    My Fulla is sounding very fine.  Have just had it for 2 days, but so far so good.  It replaced a lost/stolen AQ Dragonfly 1.2, and the Schiit is at least as good, and maybe better all around.
    Sheldaze, you got the AH-D2000 I see.  Like 'em?
  13. sheldaze
    Yes! Loved them at the meet - and love them still. I'm not invested in anything outrageous - like I bought and sold AKG Q701 headphones since the meet, which simply weren't to my liking. I have however changed my front end kit, and would love for you guys to have a listen through your own headphones. I just hope the timing of a recent purchase, and perhaps a change of schedule of my family get together will allow for me to bring a full setup. I will let you know!
  14. Billheiser
    I had the similar AKG K702 for a couple years and never warmed up to them. Later on I did the bass mod to them, and it helped, but still never loved them despite their strengths. Sold them for a fair price and put that towards Sennheisers, which do make me happy!
  15. BigTerminator
    Is someone bringing the Schiit Asgard 2? I currently use the Yulong A800 class A amp, it is very neutral, clean, extremely powerful, but with the DT990's sounds to bright so I want something warmer. Thinking about the Asgard 2 or Valhalla 2. Love the pre amp functionality for my monitors as well. 
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