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D.C. Area Meet (Sunday, August 30, 2015) - part of CanMania @ Capital Audio Fest (CAF) 2015

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  1. nojwe

    If I can make it I'll have my Valhalla 2.
  2. BigTerminator
    Would love to hear it. Question, how is the pre amp functionality activated? When the amp is turned off, is it in pre amp mode? How do you switch from speaker to headphone?
  3. kayan

    What other Schiit stuff are you planning on selling on ebay?
  4. sheldaze
    The last few months since the earlier meet, I've been experimenting with various lower tier headphones from the dark to the light (Sennheiser HD650, Denon AH-D2000, NAD VISO HP50, HiFiMan HE-400S, Oppo PM3 - was on the loaner program, AKG Q701 - sold this last one). I've been listening on a mix of USB DAC/AMP and inexpensive Schiit amplifiers:
    1. Fulla
    2. Magni 2
    3. Vali
    4. Valhalla (black)
    I found that I have become a solid state advocate, and the amp I'm using now simply has lower gain (1 versus the 1.5 of the Magni 2) and better volume knob. So eventually these will all go to eBay "heaven". I can certainly wait the now one week and bring these to the meet to let people listen for free [​IMG] 
    Love to share - love to hear your tastes and impressions. I find I've learned a lot from letting an audio friend borrow stuff and then hearing what he has to say a few days later. Now I'm just waiting for a new DAC to fall off the FedEx truck so I can bring it too and give you all a final list of what I plan to show. But I can certainly show up with all the Schiit stuff in boxes, and plug in for anyone who cares to have a listen.
  5. sheldaze
    That was fast. Here's what I'm bringing:
    1. JDS Labs Element
    2. Schiit Bifrost Uber
    3. Schiit Gungnir Multibit
    Bring your own headphones, and amp if you don't trust the Element [​IMG]
    I can easily switch between the two sources, but I'll have to re-read through the DAC comparison thread to see if I can provide simultaneous output from a PC to both DAC. I'm thinking that might not be possible due to being the same manufacturer, but I'll give it a try over the next week.
  6. Barry S

    Awesome--I was hoping you had the Multibit on the way. JRiver Media Center will output the multiple DACs simultaneously, and they have a free trial. We should do a DS vs. Multibit vs. Yggy comparo.
  7. sheldaze

    I had to wait for them to paint it black [​IMG]
    And thanks - did not want to trudge through the thread again. I will download and try out JRiver Media Center, and get some music loaded onto my PC (I typically use my Mac, and only run Tidal from my PC).
  8. kayan

    Awesome, I so want to hear a tube amp and a 150-400 dollar SS amp. I have little for comparison so I don't know what to order. I've heard a Fiio e09k and a $5000 McIntosh. And I want an amp for my new headphones, to make them shine.

    I'm so looking forward to this meet!
  9. Billheiser
    on the Valhalla2, it's "automatic". The preamp output is off when you plug in 'phones, and on when you unplug the 'phones.
    There's another way to do it if you want to play through speakers and listen to headphones at the same time -- but won't go into that now unless requested.
  10. BigTerminator
    I do not care for playing both simultaneously. My main question is does the amp have to be turned on while being used as a pre-amp, and if it does, is it idling by with full heat and wattage or is it going into a sort of standby mode. I listen to speakers probably 95% being at home, so I do not know if I want a glowing beast on all the time while I am not using it.
  11. GrindingThud
    Thinking about bringing an assortment of KG design amps: the KSA5 clone, balanced Dynalo, and maybe the single ended version of the current feedback amp...and of course the WA3 mega mod. Still trying to work schedule. I've got a date with the summit of Mount Washington I need to pack for. :)
  12. Billheiser
    Maybe we aren't using exactly the same terms. The headphone amp is on or off. When on, it drives headphones, and we call it an amp. When we unplug the headphones, it sends power to anything connected to the output jacks. The same power that is plenty to drive headphones is there, but in loudspeaker world, that power needs to be increased further to drive speakers, so it feeds a power amp and speakers (or "active" or "powered" speakers). Are we on the same page now?
  13. BigTerminator
    When I ask if the amp is on, I mean is it producing tons of heat even when the headphones are not plugged in? Let's start with, does the device have to be on, or is it a passive pre amp? Okay, say the device must be on, without headphones plugged in, is the device pumping tons of heat and energy?  I know the Schiit Asgard is class A which means it is running on full power all the time, but is it doing that even in pre amp mode? Get my meaning? I do not want a 30 watt pre amp. 
    On another note, does the pre amp color the sound at all? Or is it simple in and out with the signal?
  14. Billheiser
  15. sheldaze
    I think we have a lot of representation for planar headphones. Definitely looking forward to hearing your dynamic driver, Sennheiser HD800, if it does not sell before the meet.
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