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D.C. Area Meet (Sunday, August 30, 2015) - part of CanMania @ Capital Audio Fest (CAF) 2015

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  1. Japheel
    If I had any of those, I would have to carry a bucket wherever I went
  2. kayan
    I can bring my one and only headphone pair (if anyone wants to have a listen), Sony MDR-Z7, and I don't have an amp besides the Fiio e09k.
    I'd really like to hear an Alpha Prime and TH600/900.
  3. Japheel
    oh cool, I'd love to take a listen to sony's flagship
  4. Law87
    dang! too bad I'm in MD till the 15th :frowning2:
  5. coletrain104
    Add one to the head count! I've been looking forward to this event ever since I missed it last year. Will be bringing my semi-humble gear (HE-400i, maybe HE-400, maybe DT-880, definitely modi/vali stack). Such a shame, in a month or so I should be the owner of a ZMF Blackwood and Geek Pulse XFi. Wish I could've had them in time for this.
  6. Japheel
    comparing the blackwood to the Ad would've been pretty sick
  7. gandhisfist
    Hey all,

    Spoke with Gary yesterday regarding details of the meet. A few notes:

    • The meet is going to be held in a partitioned off part of a ballroom, so it would be a good idea for people to bring extension cords, as you may not be able to set up very close to a power outlet, also definitely bring your own surge protection/power strips. I am gong to try to organize the table setup to get people closer to power outlets, but depending on the number of people showing up, space near outlets may be limited.
    • Because you still have to buy tickets to enter the show, I spoke to Gary and he is going to offer a discount to people that are coming for the meet, I will post a promo code here later that you'll have to present at the ticket table to receive the discount.
    • Anybody else that would be in the area early and would like to help setup tables and chairs for the meet is more than welcome to come join me. Please PM me if you'd be interested.

    I'll be updating this thread if more important details about the meet become available. If you've been lurking on this thread but haven't posted yet, please post so that we can get a better estimate of the headcount. Thanks everyone, looking forward to another good HF meetup.
  8. Barry S

    Thanks for the update. I'm planning on coming. Not sure what I'm bringing, but will try to get a Liquid Carbon--either my own or one of the review units floating around. I'll also bring a long extension cord and some power strips. I live nearby, so will plan on coming early to help you set up.
  9. gandhisfist
    Thanks Barry.  Once I confirm the timing of the meet with Gary, I'll post that info so that we can get more organized around this.
    Edit:  Barry, did you get your Yggdrasil, I know you have the Rag already.
  10. nojwe
    My schedule is still a bit up in the air, but I'll likely be able to make it. Provided I don't go on any shopping/selling sprees, I'll bring:
    Schiit Valhalla 2
    Schiit Uberfrost
    Woo WA7 Fireflies
    Beyer T1
  11. sheldaze
    I have been lurking. I would like to come, but I have a family function in the afternoon (50 miles East). So depending on the meet schedule, I may be able to come early in the day. Though it would be very difficult for me to setup anything and stay for any length of time. I had hoped to have something portable, such as the CEntrance HiFi-Skyn paired with closed NAD VISO HP50 or open HiFiMan HE-400S. Would love to try driving something that takes a little more energy - if anyone brings the standard Audeze or HiFiMan phones, that would be cool. However it is looking less and less likely I'll have anything portable and interesting at this time, because the CEntrance schedule keeps slipping.
    I still need to know the meet schedule. I'd still love to hear the Yggy, even for 30 seconds [​IMG] 
  12. coletrain104
    I would love to hear that 400S. 
  13. sheldaze

    No problems.
    I'll be the one with the blue Timbuk2 bag, trying not to drool on the Yggy [​IMG]
  14. gandhisfist
    I will probably be bringing my entire inventory, so for a harder to drive headphone you can check out my HE-560.  Please do bring the HE-400S, I'm very curious to hear it.
  15. Japheel
    If you guys want to hear your headphones off a speaker amp, I need a reason to buy that emotiva mini x a 100 in the for sale forum :p
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