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Jun 22, 2018
May 2, 2015
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100+ Head-Fier

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Jun 22, 2018
  • About

    Lots of walking and running in iems. So much anime.
    Headphone Inventory:
    What I own:
    Alpha dogs
    Fiio E07K and E09K
    Grado sr60i woodied
    Earsonics SM3_V1
    Sennheiser orthos
    What I want:
    Alclair reference
    Audeze LCD 2.1, 2.2, 3, and x
    AKG K712, K7xx, K812, and K1000
    Beyerdynamic dt880, dt990, t90, and t1
    Hifiman he400, he500, he560, he6, and he1000
    Sennheiser hd600 and hd800
    Brainwavs HM5
    Audio Technica ad900x, m70x, and w5000
    Fostex th900
    Denon d7000
    MrSpeakers Ether, Alpha primes,
    JHA Roxanne, jh13 freqphase, and Layla
    McIntosh MHA 100
    Little Dot MKIV
    Aurilac Taurus
    1964 V3 and V6
    Unique Melody Mentor
    Earwerkz supra II
    Noble Audio K10
    Heir Audio 8.A
    Music Preferences:
    Rock, not metal, but progressive rock, Jazz, classical, acoustic, really anything that isn't hip hop or dubstep.
    Nvidia GTX 980ti


    Home Listening: Gaming rig/laptop>Fiio E07K>Fiio E09K>MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs(God bless Mr. Clark's soul)
    Bed time/Portable: Htc One M8>Earsonics Sm3_V1(To be reshelled)
    Metal, Jazz, Classical, Other rock, everything besides electronic and hip hop
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