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Custom IEM Suggestion ES5 / UM Miracle / UE in-ear references monitor or other..

  1. iamdacow
    I agree with czqdtc as the world of audio is about exploring and discovery [​IMG] and at the end of the day its all about your preference [​IMG]
  2. John0405
    Ok with that. Nevertheless, I purchased my miracles based on opinions and informations gleaned on this forum. Asking questions could be helpful. Especially for such expensive gears we're talking about.
  3. iamdacow
    True true btw what amp are u using??
  4. John0405
    I'm using a pico slim
    sorry sorry , don't be angry la ......i not that mean ......I just want to confirm the Miracle is a real good product ,,,,,,,,,,but reading your past posted...i think i got my answer....Thank You very much ...
  6. Chris_Himself
    I do cables for IEMs and one of the most overwhelmingly popular models I do cables for is UM. For a foreign country, business is sure good for them from US based customers. This is completely unsolicited, just thought I'd let you know the current trends :D
  7. jmorenor
    UM Miracle
  8. Xymordos
    If you think the JH soundstage is good, listen to the UERM.
  9. fuzzy1969

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