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Custom IEM Suggestion ES5 / UM Miracle / UE in-ear references monitor or other..

    Hi every one. Could any one help me choose my first CIEM. I have looked many threads compare Weston ES5 and UM Miracle. I have general idea what's sound they have. But i am still confuse some questions .My music is more mix....POP, Classical, Jazz, Soundtrack ,and voice ... , but I like Classic and Soundtrack and female and male voice.
    1. UM Miracle is Made in China and Develop in China . so how about it quality and design ...i mean chinese design is better than American design ? 
    2. I know ES5 's sound is very magic in mids and midcentric and lush. and Miracle is more  balance ....Show i say ES5 is more special and more fun/interesting . but Miracle is more overkill or balance for general using...
    3. I already got SE535, UM3x , and sony EX1000, i want my CIEM is different to all of this ...or make me impressing .....
    Anyone could give a suggestion on Custom IEM ....not only on this 2 brand ....others also ok...
    Thank You guys....
  2. AstroTurf
    Have you looked at Westone?

    Cheers, Jim
    yeah lol , ES5 = Westone ES5 Custom IEM....
    btw ,  include one more FutureSonic EM Mg6pro or Mg5pro
  4. AstroTurf
    Oops Sorry...

    Uber Newb here.

  5. CaseyD
    china has a lot talented companies like hifiman, yuin and colorfly. um is one of them. at least, the quality of build is very good, almost perfect. the reputation of um in here is not bad as well.
    es5's mid is not as magic as es3x, and es3x's mid is not as magic as es3. but, i do not think you can call it natural. you have um3x, the signature of es3 just like it. but es5 is more balance than es3 and es3x. so, if you want a impressive mid sound earphone rather than a more lasting listening and natural sound earphone, es3 or es3x maybe a better choice than um or es5, i think.
  6. John0405
    I have the same musical taste than you and have the miracles paired with a pico slim. I have to say I am amazed by the soundstage of these monitors and their clarity. I think they are quite perfect for what you want to achieve.
  7. hkppl
    Glad to see Chinese products got quite good reputation here. 
    Interesting enough, for people living in China/HK/Taiwan, if you ask them to choose between two similar products, one made in US, one made in China, I believe most of them will choose US.... [​IMG]
    P.S. ordered ES5 two weeks ago
  8. adktitan
  9. John0405
    Also to take into consideration: the waiting time with um miracles and potentially with other Chinese companies. I've waited almost 4 months for mine.
    Thank , two days ago , I have try the JH16pro , the sound for me is impressing  since the bass is deep and powerful , and the soundstage is amazing...this one get in my consider list ...and i will choose UM maybe , one reason the art work is very nice than others ...
  11. John0405
    Maybe I'm preaching for my parish, but the miracles are famous for their extended soundstage. Less prominent bass than jh16, but miracles: more spacious. :cool:
  12. iamdacow
    May i suggest my 2 cents if i may good sir, the ACS T1, it does not split the classical music like the jh 16 or 13 does.
    So what kind spacious you think....btw, also the ES5 is very specious in mids in  some others reviews... compare this two which one is worth to hold ,consider i got other IEM like UM3, and se535, which also make me happy with them. ,,,So i want that the CIEM will make me surprised .....
  14. czqdtc
    Are u Chinese my friend?
    Judging from your wording and some of the minor grammar issues(no offense by any means).
    I mean, if you can't decide what you want, why don't you go out and search for them yourself instead of wasting time asking ppl here on this forum? 
    99.9% of the population here have no experience with those CIEMs you are talking about.
  15. John0405
    Are you refering to my post? :mad:

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