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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. tkteo
    Enjoy. So that was your design when you collected it at MS.
  2. Deezel177

    Yes it was! Thanks!
  3. walbum4262
    The 8.2 landed today just had a brief moment of listening before the family needed me so I'll give it about 10 hours listening tomorrow at work :)

    Here's some pictures of them, Piotr did an awesome job colour is transparent blue with chameleon metal flakes inside that changes colour in the sun and the faceplates is transparent with lots of the same flakes so they change colour all the time really neat looking and hard to capture proberly on pictures but I did my best with some iPhone pictures where you can see the faceplates in metallic red and green
    Piotr capture the idea of being able to see the internals while at the same time at some angels you can't see trough the faceplates its ******* awesome ( sorry about the language )

  4. h1f1add1cted
    Nice idea and result with the faceplates!
  5. walbum4262
    So far the 8.2 has gotten 6 hours in my ears today and one thing that keeps pushing my mind is just have musically they are.
    The only other CIEM's I have had are custom art music two and EI.XX so the comparison will be to those 2 and primarily the EI.XX

    I have gotten goosebumps a few time today from the shear pleasure of listening to the 8.2 trough my zx2

    They are way more spacious in sound than EI.XX the sound is panned out so it gives more separation on instruments well just the whole sound. And with that, way more detail in the music from the mids and up.

    Guitar and vocals are just a dream listening to with the 8.2 and while the EI.XX had more puch and may be better with percussion the 8.2 is really really close
    The 8.2 is way more balanced than EI.XX and again just make them such a pleasure to listen to.

    More to follow
    piotrus-g likes this.
  6. walbum4262
    A note about the difference from the demo unit to the actual CIEM.

    with the EI.XX I didn't notice much difference but with the 8.2 the overall sound signature is the same but I got a more spacious and controlled sound
    Thx Piotr!
    Amazing sound!
    Amazing work!
    piotrus-g, twister6 and h1f1add1cted like this.
  8. Cloudling87
    Hey guys, I letting go my H8.2, not sure why I can't post in trade forum. Please pm and I will give very reasonable offer. Thanks!
  9. maniac2003
    It was fun to give the HP8.2 demo's a listen and compare them with my Ei.XX @ CanJam Europe. Always a pleasure to meet the creator.
    What I did forgot to ask, besides taking a photo, do you have a opinion on the ADEL technology? Would it be something you would consider in the future?
    As far as I know the technology would become licenseable sometime in the future.
    I do notice on my 64 Audio U8's that even after a extended listening session my ears don't feel fatigued from the sound. Can't wait to receive the Drum earbuds. someday :)
  10. Kerouac

    It probably has to do with the fact that you have such a low post count (HF regulations)
    Are you sure you gave them enough listening time?
    I know I wasn't flabbergasted at first listening, but now I really wouldn't let them go...
    ...unless somebody makes me an offer I can't refuse [​IMG] 
  11. ezekiel77

    I think you need 15 posts to post an ad here.
  12. Cloudling87

    This CIEM is good and I love the sound signature compared to DN1k(I lost it when I got the H8.2) especially the vocal.

    I probably belong to the minority, which is my ear, and probably not suitable for custom made earphone. I believe the ear impression also make a very big difference if you get it nicely done.

    Piotr really very patience with me, is just I getting tired of it. I don't doubt his skill, because most of you dont require for refitting.

    Listening the song you like and it will make you happy and is part of my life and of course I want to enjoy.

    Piotr thanks again!
  13. Deezel177

    Maybe you could get CA to remold it into a universal fit IEM instead.
  14. piotrus-g
    Likewise! Always great to meet up with a customer and chat!
    Unfortunately I cannot answer this question here on head-fi due to Member of the Trade status but feel free to send me an email.
  15. maniac2003
    You got mail [​IMG]
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