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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. omastic
    Almost the entire day yesterday was spent listening to the H8.2 with various genres of music ranging from super aggressive metal to soothing jazz and everything in between. I must have had them in my ears for atleast about 8 hours or so combined and didn't feel any fatigue whatsoever! The fit is excellent, it just slide in and stays put. Within minutes I can forget that I am even wearing iems, which is amazing!
    My early impressions are pretty much in line with the various reviews and impressions posted thus far. Smooth, detailed, organic, soothing, realistic, are the first few adjectives that come to mind when trying to translate into words what I am hearing. Well recorded vocals and smoky jazz are absolutely sublime on the H8.2. It has a seductively analogue tone that also comes across as being very realistic and life like. 
    The treble has often been described as laid back which I agree with, but I also find it to have excellent extension and again an impressively natural tonality. The note decay particularly is fantastic. The presence is subdued enough for the H8.2 to showcase its soothing ability, yet has just enough presence to let all the details shine through. 
    Lastly, that bass!! Perfect bass body and tone. Absolutely love listening to bass lines on the H8.2!
    H8.2 has little to no wow factor (a very good thing IMO), but the more you listen to it the more you realize just how special it is. 
    Thanks @piotrus-g for the great work!!
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  2. piotrus-g
    Thnaks for the small review! I'm happy you're enjoying them!
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  3. MrButchi
    Congrats! Happy that my former H8P are in bliss-filled ears :)
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  4. omastic
    Thanks! I am so glad I took the deal :)
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  5. malifact
    So I will be joining the Harmony 8.2 club very soon. Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow so fingers crossed I'll have it for the weekend. I'll post my impressions once I have a proper listen.
  6. omastic
    Nice! Looking forward to your impressions. 
  7. Docterror
    I am selling my 8.2. The ad is here.
  8. knopi
    Thanks to Pioter I have chance try Harmony 8.2 universal demo at home. Fit is not bad but unfortunately I feel that fit is not ideal on 100% so do not have sense to write something hard to say how it really sounds but sound is very promising. I would recomend to do better universal shell and nozzle because nozzle is quite fat so hard to give more tips on it.
    So at least I will write about hiss on different sources I have at home, could be maybe for someone interesting:
    First iPhone 5s no hiss and quite surprised how good iPhones sounds with IEM, on mobile not bad.
    Chord Hugo via USB to computer there is a little hiss but when music play it is good. And sound very good definitely noticeable more technical, dynamic, you want listen more and more, more adult than iPhone, iPhone sound more on efect. Hugo is good for neutral headpones and for headphones which are more towards to warmer because it is nice clear so it could be very fine with most planars I think and of course with IEMs.
    Mytek Brooklyn via USB to computer. A lot of hiss :D good to know that Brooklyn is not for this type of use with IEMs but with speakers it is superb and much better than Hugo. 
  9. tienbasse
    JVC Spiral dot tips fit VERY easily on the universal 8.2.
    Better than any other tips I tried with it.
    Fit of the universal 8.2 is not always that universal. For me, they fit just perfectly, but you were not so lucky.
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  10. piotrus-g
    Yeah it's actually surprising that they don't fit. We have had those shells on 4 audio shows now and everyone was super positive about the fit.
    @knopi Anyways try and experiment with angle and depth of how the IEM is fitted in your ear. Personally in certain position the demo causes me pain after 30min but I just have to twist it a bit more counter clock-wise and I can listen to it for hours without any ear faitigue and it fits perfectly.
  11. walbum4262
    For people resided in Europe you now have the chance to try out Piotr's latest creation the harmony 8.2 just sign up here and await a PM

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  12. CraftyClown
    Happy to say I'm signed up for the European tour and really looking forward to hearing them [​IMG]
  13. Kventus
    Hi! Has anyone tried pairing Harmony 8.2 with Calyx M? What are your impressions?
  14. cav1sa
    I got my Harmony 8.2 a couple of days ago. I'm honestly at a loss for words, but I'll try to communicate something useful. These are my 2nd CIEMs, the first being Harmony 8 Pro, which I absolutely loved. I expected 8.2 to have better bass and be slightly warmer overall. This is not what I got.
    The biggest surprise to me is they are way more dynamic than the original 8 Pro. I don't know how to properly describe this, but paradoxically they sound smoother but also more resolving.
    Sound stage is better, vocals are definitely improved. The visceral low end reveals layers I've never heard before on any other headphones or monitors.
    All of this, unfortunately comes at a cost. I don't think I can use these at work any more -- music is just too engaging. I'll learn to cope with this someday :)
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  15. MrButchi
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